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Combined Operations - A Normandy Beachhead

Combined Operations - A Normandy Beachhead - click for high res image

Painted by David A Thorp and gifted to the Combined Operations Memorial Fund. Prints available from £35 - £73 + p&P, proceeds to memorial fund.
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Presentation at Blenheim Palace

Presentation at Blenheim Palace - click for high res image

David Thorp (L) and Geoff Slee present John Millin (R), son of piper Bill Millin, with a limited edition print of the painting "Combined Operations – A Normandy Beachhead" in the North Courtyard of Blenheim Palace.
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About Combined Operations Memorial Fund

The Combined Operations website,, which receives 250,000 visits per year from around the world, is the educational component of a Combined Operations memorial presently under construction in the grounds of the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. Click through the “Memorial” link at the top of any webpage to open up the memorial sub web where all the information about Combined Operations, the memorial and the prints can be found.

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