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Prof Jeremy Ramsden, VN-ADS

Prof Jeremy Ramsden, VN-ADS - click for high res image

VN-ADS technical director, Prof Jeremy Ramsden
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David Newman, VN-CP

David Newman, VN-CP - click for high res image

VN Capital Partners director David Newman
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Mark Gilmore, VN-CP

Mark Gilmore, VN-CP - click for high res image

VN Capital Partners director Mark Gilmore
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Mick Avison, VN-HPG technical director

Mick Avison, VN-HPG technical director - click for high res image

VN-H Power Generation Ltd (VN-HPG) technical director, Mick Avison
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About VN Capital Partners Ltd

Renewable energy development

VN Capital Partners was formed in 2010 by investor-entrepreneurs David Newman and Mark Gilmore to assist scientists and engineers develop bleeding edge UK technology, through use of the UK government’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), which had previously been dominated by investment funds rather than individual investment opportunities. VN Capital Partners broke this mould.

Since then, VN Capital Partners has sponsored six new, individual start-up technology companies and the directors have raised in excess of £2.1m using SEIS and EIS to fund their development. Giving investors paper returns of up to 24 times their initial investment so far. See .

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