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Julian Costley - Chairman at Enigma Digital

Julian Costley - Chairman at Enigma Digital - click for high res image

Julian Costley, Chairman at Enigma Digital Limited, with the Enigma logo.
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About Enigma Digital Ltd

Data recovery

Enigma Digital Limited (formerly Infinity Wireless) - www.enigma-recovery.com - was founded in 2012 and is focused on providing affordable, easy-use, secure, fast, and accessible smart device data recovery and restore services for consumers globally. It sells a range of desktop software applications and mobile apps for multiple platforms. These encompass 9 data types including SMS messages, contacts, call history, calendar and photos. And with more than 1bn data items recovered for more than 500,000 users in more than 150 countries, the company can claim to be one of the leading experts in its field.

In 2016 the company secured follow-on funding from its venture capital partners Boundary Capital and Mangrove Capital Partners together with private investment from new shareholder Aldo del Bo.

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