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About Next Step Now Ltd

Family business consultancy

Next Step now was founded by Christine Dawood in October 2018 and has just launched its first website at .

Christine Dawood grew up in the Bavarian Alps and gained her first degree in engineering in order to join her parents’ home-textile business. Since then she has founded an organic agriculture business in Punjab and managed her family’s business office in Singapore, where she found a fascination for group behaviour and to help family leaders and teams to meet their full potential. This led her to return to academic studies, gaining two separate masters degrees and a range of other certificates and professional body memberships which in turn led to the service she now provides through Next Step Now.

Christine says of herself:
“I specialise in supporting business families to build their capacity to operate within the business and help to set boundaries so that neither the business or the business family suffers. Furthermore, I coach individuals and teams to increase resilience, enhance well-being, overcome blocks of change, build self-awareness, and to support their self-development.”

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