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Friendbest, a business run by husband and wife team, Tony and Lesley Newton, was established in 1984 and is based in Morley, Leeds. The couple started working on the problem of snoring in 1997, when Lesley was at the end of her tether after a family holiday where Tony’s persistent snoring drove her to sleep on the bathroom floor. By the millennium, Leslie was so fed up with the nightly cacophany that she considered leaving her husband. Not long afterwards, Tony stumbled upon the fact that the UV light on a sunbed stopped his snores. Tony realised he was on to something, and the company launched a manual anti-snoring device in 2000. Subsequently, after further research and development, it released the first Snorestopper™ in 2004. The second, upgraded version of the product came to the market in 2007.

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Leeds couple, Tony and Lesley Newton, saved their 36 year marriage from the brink of collapse caused by Tony’s loud and persistent snoring. Now, the couple help other people whose lives are affected b...
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Leeds based Friendbest launches a new and improved version of its popular Snorestopper (TM) intelligent anti-snoring device, which can recognise the user’s individual snore in the bedroom, trigger the...
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Intelligent anti-snoring device attracts the attention of MoD research agency

SNORESTOPPER™, an intelligent anti-snoring device developed by Leeds based Friendbest, is attracting interest from sleep disorder experts at QinetiQ, a government-owned research agency that forms part...
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