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The GPRS Salary and Benefits Survey 2009 was conducted between late May and mid June, 2009, with a random sample of 4,344 work-based learning and further education professionals across the UK. Survey respondents include NVQ assessors and verifiers, skills tutors, quality managers, business development managers, operations managers and training directors. Full survey results will be officially released on 1 July, 2009.

A full breakdown of key regional salary trends can be viewed online at

GPRS Recruitment, based in Staffordshire, is a specialist in the permanent provision of work based learning and further education professionals.

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Ruth Whitehouse CertRP MIRP - Market Sector Specialist
UK survey by GPRS Recruitment shows 43% of NVQ and skills trainers consider themselves over-qualified for their present positions.
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And reveals significant regional variations in salary and benefits

A new report commissioned by GPRS Recruitment reveals that a majority of qualified professionals employed by businesses providing training in the workplace would consider moving to another employer.
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