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Brachy rabbit - comparison
Three major animal welfare charities have united to send the message that that breeding cats and rabbits with exaggerated flat faces (short-faced or brachycephalic animals) can cause health and welfar...
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• New rabbit disease strain RVHD2 a growing killer
• RVHD2 not tackled by existing UK vaccine
• Rabbit Welfare Association (RWAF) introduces new anti-RVHD2 vaccine to UK

Richard Saunders
The UK's Rabbit Welfare Association (RWAF) is introducing a new anti-RVHD2 vaccine to UK, to tackle a wave of deaths among domestic rabbits caused by a new, lethal disease strain that is not covered b...
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Bring outdoor rabbits into an unheated room for satefy
As Britain continues to suffer saturating rain and galeforce winds, the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund raises concerns about pet rabbits still being kept out of doors, despite adverse conditions.
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