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About ZDMP: Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform


About ZDMP
The Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform project (ZDMP) was launched in Q1 2019 for 48 months with an investment of 19M€ provided by the 30 sponsoring companies and the European Commission. Partner companies and other information can be found at www.zdmp.eu. ZDMP is a Research and Innovation activity that emerged in response to a European Commission H2020 call on Industry 4.0 and Factories of the Future under grant agreement 825631. It is a Digital Manufacturing Platform to facilitate zero defect manufacturing in connected smart factories, including SMEs, and its aim is to further Europe's position in the manufacture of high-quality products.

About Information Catalyst (ICE)
Information Catalyst (ICE) is an innovative ICT SME operating in the domains of Software, Data, and Services with a specialism in Data Interoperability, Process Engineering, Data Analytics, and Digital Twins. ICE is based in Haslington near Crewe in the UK and has a subsidiary Information Catalyst SL in Spain. ICE has been involved in the research and commercial initiatives focusing on Digitisation, for example is highly active in programmes such as Eurostars, ITEA, FP7, and H2020 where in addition to ZDMP ICE has acquired itself, or been in the acquisition team, for R&D activity in Cyber/Security (REDAlert), Data Integration (CrowdHEALTH), extreme scale analytics (ELASTIC) and Lot Size 1 eFactory). ICE is long-term Board member of The European Technology Platform dedicated to Software, Services and Data – NESSI – where ICE represents the SME perspective. www.informationcatalyst.com

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European Excellence in Manufacturing through ZDMP Industry 4.0 Platform

Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform launched Q1-2019 with investment of 19M euros by 30 companies / European Commission. Mission to establish a digital platform and Apps for excellence through zero de...
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ZDMP: Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform

Stuart Campbell
ZDMP manager
Email: info@zdmp.eu
Site: www.zdmp.eu

Director and CEO, Information Catalyst
Tel: + 44 7970 429251
Site: www.informationcatalyst.com

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825631

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