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Here's where you can order our combined writing & distribution service and our writing-only service.

If you've already written your release and would like us just to distribute it, please use our press release distribution service.

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The following questions will help you (and us) focus on the most important elements of your story, to give you the best chance of coverage. Don't worry if you're not sure of every answer: we're here to help! Just provide as much information as you can and we'll do the rest.

If you'd like help with your order or would like to place your order by phone, please call 01273 741410 (+44 1273 741410 from outside the UK).

NB. please ensure you definitely answer any question that's in red with an asterisk.

Type of order
About you/your organisation

What is the name of the individual/company/organisation making this announcement? *

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If this isn't you, who are you, what is your relationship and what is your email address?

About your announcement

Please summarise what you want to announce as briefly as possible

Now please give as much detail as you can. E.g....
- Why are you making this announcement?
- Who's your product/service for?
- What are its main features and benefits?
- Why are you announcing it now - is there a particular launch or event? *

What sets your product or service apart from the rest of the market? Does it have any unique points? Has it received any awards or accolades and, if so, what and when?

Do you have any endorsements, celebrity supporters or recent research we could include? (You must name the source of any reasearch or statistics)

If you are announcing an event, when and exactly where does it take place (we need a full address and, if an exhibition, a stand number)? How do people book/obtain tickets?

Do you have anything else to add?

Spokesperson's quote

Please give us some personal comments, introducing a fresh angle or information you haven't already given. Your quote may be used - possibly word-for-word - by journalists to add life to your story, so it should be informative, upbeat & interesting

Who is the company's/organisation's official spokesperson? This should be a senior person and not necessarily your press contact. The above quote may be attributed to the spokesperson

Do you have any additional quote(s) from a third party or partner organisation named in the release? What is their official spokesperson's name and job title?

More about you/your organisation

Please give us some background on you/your organisation. E.g....
- What are the main activities?
- Where are you based?
- If a company/organisation, how long has itg been established, how many people does it employ, is it part of a group or does it have subsidiaries?

Distribution details

What countries do you wish to target? Are there any particular sectors of the media you wish to reach? Any individual publications? Do you require any translations?

If you have a specific release date in mind, please give details here. If you need the release to be embargoed, please say so

Press contacts

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Additional contacts - please give, at minimum, a name, position, phone number and email address for each, laid out as they should appear at the bottom of the release

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