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This page is where you can order our UK and international distribution services. Click here if you would also like us to write your release for you.

If you'd like help with your order or would like to place your order by phone, please call 01273 741410 (+44 1273 741410 from outside the UK).

Preparing your release
It's worth spending a little time preparing your release in rough before submitting it. Don't worry if you're not sure about something: just call or email us and we'll be happy to advise. It's also well worth looking at these documents:-

Submitting your release
The following questions will help focus you on the best way to lay out your story, giving your announcement the highest chance of gaining coverage.

N.B. questions in red with an asterisk * are mandatory.
Your release

Headline - this must be succinct, snappy and never in past tense. Journalists want current or future news. No URLs. *

Subheading (if any) - you don't have to use a subheading but it may help to support your headline or give additional headline-type information. You can use a URL here.

Main body - it's important to ensure your release is well structured. Encapsulate all the main facts in the first paragraph, including your company/organisation's name and whatever product/service/event you're announcing. Don't try to tease journalists: they won't read past the first paragraph if they can't see what they're getting. *

Notes for editors - background information on your company/organisation and any additional information not provided in the body of the release *

Summary - A brief summary of your release in 30 words or fewer, for use on news feeds and news sites *

Your press contacts
Forename *
Surname *
Position or job title
Company or organisation *
Primary phone *
Mobile or secondary phone
Email *
Additional contacts - please give, at minimum, a name, position, phone number and email address for each, laid out as they should appear at the bottom of the release

Distribution details
What countries/territories do you wish to target? (NB. For multiple countries, we will contact you about pricing when we see what you want.)
Are there any particular media sectors or publications you wish to reach?
Do you wish to include newswire services? (Specify Press Association (PA), Dow Jones or both - see our newswires page for pricing)

Is there a particular date for the issue of this release? If so, please give details. And if you require an embargo, please say so.

About you

If the above named individual/company/organisation is not you, who are you and what is your relationship to it?

Billing details

Please give your full billing name and address for invoices *
Do you have a promo code?
How did you hear about us? *
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