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Online press office: free

All Press Dispensary press releases include your free online press office:-

  • a central press office or media centre featuring
    • an introduction to you, your business or your organisation
    • your logo
    • all your Press Dispensary press releases gathered in one place for easy reference and search by journalists
    • Your own image library
  • your own, custom RSS news feed
  • printer-friendly versions of your Press Dispensary press release(s)
  • PDA-friendly versions of your Press Dispensary press release(s)
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If you would like additional images, other media such as podcasts and video links, background documents, personal profiles and the like, simply order an enhanced online press office.

Your online press office can be a major asset:-
  • journalists, editors and researchers value a press office where everything is gathered 24/7 in one place, with no need for hunting around or making phone calls, and they may be more inclined to give you the coverage you deserve
  • you can link to your online press office from your own website, providing an information point for journalists, knowing that you do not need to update it each time you issue a new press release: we do that for you
  • you can include your online press office URL in your email signature to improve your visibility and your suppliers' and customers' understanding of your business or organisation
  • Press Dispensary's RSS news feeds and links with Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. already give your story excellent global coverage and can potentially greatly improve traffic to your website and your search engine rankings. Now the online press office gives you your own, personal RSS news feed for your own releases. With this development, you can:-
    • add a small amount of code (supplied by us) to any page on your site, quickly and easily, which will dynamically display all your Press Dispensary release headlines, with links to the full releases - so with little effort you might, for example, create a dynamic, self-updating 'News' column on your home page
    • provide your RSS news feed to other websites, such as general sites about your sector, discussion forums, newsgroups or sites run by suppliers or customers who may want to mention you or your products
    • submit your own RSS news feed to news sites and news aggregators, increasing your coverage and potentially increasing global traffic to your site and search engine page rankings
  • you can rest assured that you'll never have to update links or code on your site when we distribute new releases for you - it will happen automatically
  • you don't have to invest to acquire this asset: it comes free when your first Press Dispensary press release goes 'live'

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