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Don’t just take our word for it – comments below from some of our satisfied clients.

Victoria Reinthal, director
Paw Pals (UK) Ltd
41 - “I just wanted to say thank you for writing two wonderful press releases. I was very impressed with the service offered and the professionalism of the company. Thanks again.”

Terry Daly, senior sports coach
Daly's Law Coaching and Analysis
(Football coaching and analysis )
40 - “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent work on my previous release. I've had great reaction, with interviews on BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Merseyside (an amazing 40 minutes!) and coverage in the Observer News and Comment section, as well as further coverage all across the internet news and sports sites. You bet I'm going to keep on using Press Dispensary!”

Caroline Clapperton, MD
Planet Skincare Ltd
(Cosmetics company)
39 - “All too often clients are too quick to complain, but I want to thank you for providing me with such a first class and professional service. From my very first correspondence with you I have received nothing but excellent, creative press releases. Our product is new the marketplace and the support we have received from Press Dispensary has been paramount to our marketing and media campaigns.

I would highly recommend Press Dispensary to any client looking for creativity and high impact press releases. Press Dispensary stands out from its competitors and is extremely fantastic value for money.

Keep up the good work!”

Robert Haigh, director
Future Highs Ltd
(Recruitment website)
38 - “We have already had a good response to the press release - looks like money very well spent.”

Tracey Golding
Simple Fundraising
(Fundraising community)
37 - “Thank you very much for your help. I have been very impressed with the level of service that you and your organisation have offered. I would not hesitate to recommend you, or indeed use you again.”

Mark Roberts
Legality Solicitors
36 - “This press release business really works! Within 15 minutes of receiving your email advising that the release had been issued, I got a call from The Lawyer magazine wanting to involve me in a Podcast talking about virtual worlds - absolutely fantastic! Thanks again.”

Andrea Rosselli
(Complete history of Torino Football Club)
35 - “Well, what can I say? The feedback is immediately impressive, with about 10 emails asking for a review copy, and more will surely follow in the upcoming days... hopefully we'll find a way to manage this! Thanks again for your precious help. I will certainly be spreading positive words about Press Dispensary.”

Mark Lavington, sales and marketing director
Boshers Ltd
(Holiday home insurance)
34 - “This was our first time using your service and we had an enquiry within an hour from a journalist who wanted a quote for their own holiday home insurance - hopefully they'll publish the release too! The article started to appear all over the web within a few hours. Thank you for your professional, prompt and affordable service. I will recommend Press Dispensary with gusto and be back in touch as soon as I have the slightest inkling of a suitable story to tell.”

Lucy McGoldrick, marketing manager
Tiercom Ltd
(Gay dating site)
33 - “Thank you for the great service you've provided for our PR for our new site www.gayarrangement.com. The response has been tremendous and we're getting enquiries from the press and some excellent feedback. Visits to our site have increased already and it's a direct result of the press release going out. Thank you.”

Robert Lee, founder director
UK 8020 CIC
(Not for profit community interest group )
32 - "A fast, efficient, friendly service that gets you results..."

Adeola Ademakinwa, owner
Your Day Weddings
(Wedding co-ordinators)
31 - “As we are a relatively new company, I was unsure whether press releases really worked and thought it might be better to stick to magazine adverts. However, when I got in touch with Press Dispensary and my press release was circulated, I found it fantastic! I had emails and enquiries about my business the very morning the press release was distributed. I also found that, several weeks later, I still received phone calls and enquiries about Your Day Weddings.

From the press release, I’ve had free advertising from other magazines which have written articles and features about my company. The customer service was great and I was looked after well by a helpful young lady called Philippa who kept my mind at rest. I would say to anyone who has not used Press Dispensary to do so: it's a unique and innovative way of reaching your target audience. Thank you Philippa and everyone at Press Dispensary.”

Michael Coltman
Mango Aviation Partners
(Aviation advisory centre)
30 - "Mango Aviation Partners found the rapid, professional approach offered by Press Dispensary invaluable in getting maximum exposure for recent press activities. For a small consultancy like ours, there was no better way to reach a targeted media list."

Ian McDougall
LetsXL Ltd
(Residential lettings support service )
29 - “I just wanted to say how pleased LetsXL has been with the service Press Dispensary has provided for our company. As a growing company, we have been conscious of the need to undertake PR, but we were daunted by the task and didn’t know where to start.

Fortunately, we discovered Press Dispensary. For a modest cost, the press release was professionally written from our input via the website and swiftly distributed to an impressive media list.

Our first release was taken up by a number of recipients, including a national daily. We look forward to enjoying a similar response to our second release which has just been distributed. We highly recommend any organisation to this cost effective way of promoting their business and we shall certainly be using this medium again in the future.”

Anne Speak
The Beach Factory
(Sun products)
28 - “We are so happy with the help and support given to us by the Press Dispensary team, which has gone to great lengths to understand our niche business in order to write well informed press releases. This is really reflected in the response from the media.”

Liz Quant
Youbuymywedding Ltd
(Wedding finance)
27 - “The press release was distributed at 13:20. By 13:26, I had received my first enquiry call and by 14:45 I was conducting a live interview on Ulster radio (U105). Throughout my working relationship with Press Dispensary for the launch of my new business, I have been impressed with the speed, efficiency and professionalism with which the service was conducted and this just confirms it. Many thanks for your help and prompt attention.”

Philip Vincent
(Investor networking)
26 - “The press release certainly seems to be hitting targets. If only a very small percentage of those 70,000 listeners use my site, then I would be a happy bunny! I’ve also heard from a marketing magazine - New Business - so well done for the release compilation.”

Matt Young, co-owner
(Online fashion boutique)
25 - “The press release created by Press Dispensary for the launch of our online boutique has had a significant impact on our business in just a few short weeks. Within 24 hours of the release being distributed, we received an enquiry from one of the top fashion magazines in the U.K. who subsequently featured our website. With both regional and national newspapers also contacting us, the release has proven to be a great investment.”

Cassandra Harrison, owner and designer
Gee How Quaint
24 - “I had been trying to write my own press release for weeks and failed miserably. I found Press Dispensary on a website of entrepreneurial bloggers writing about their progress. One particular lady recommended Press Dispensary's services. From my first contact email and throughout the entire process, I have found the company incredibly helpful. When I read the press release the team had created for my business, I was very impressed. The press release was cleverly written and the tone reflected the personality of my business very well. I was completely amazed at how quickly journalists started contacting me about my press release: within a couple of hours, I had my first contact. What success! Contacting Press Dispensary has been one of the best business decisions I have made."

Hector Bolanos, sales and marketing director
Raw Gaia
(Skin care)
23 - "We achieved amazing results using Press Dispensary’s press release distribution service. As a result of the release, over 20 magazines and newspapers contacted us and were interested in featuring our products. In addition, the RSS feed published by Press Dispensary on our behalf was picked up by websites across the globe and led to online purchases from countries including USA, Canada, Singapore and Finland. Press Dispensary worked diligently and patiently with us, so we could find exactly the right words to convey our message. The team did a great job and we are more than happy to recommend this company."

Andy Sanderson - Sales director
Sanderson Golf Ltd
(Golfing suppliers)
22 - "The media response after just a few hours of the press release being distributed by Press Dispensary has been staggering! I would recommend the services of the Press Dispensary to any company that requires a professional and effective press release distribution service."

Rod Cambridge, founder
21 - "I'm incredibly pleased with the service provided by Press Dispensary. From the responsive staff to the personal press office provided by Press Dispensary, I don't think I could have chosen a better company for the launch of expodition. With the number and quality of responses generated by our press release, it's plain to see that the message that I wanted to convey got through to the right people."

Vicky Rispin
Tranters Solicitors
20 - "Press Dispensary provides a low cost and effective solution to our PR needs. The media response we had was overwhelming and I would recommend their services which are particularly suited to small to medium sized businesses."

David Stewart, managing director
Walkingworld Ltd
(online walking guide)
19 - "When we first launched the Walkingworld site we used a traditional London PR agency. They were very good but it cost a lot of money, so after a year or so we decided to do any press activity ourselves. The problem with this approach is that it takes time to generate lists of suitable contacts and to ensure that any mailing goes out effectively. So almost inevitably our PR activity fell off.

At the end of 2005 I found the Press Dispensary website and decided to give it a go. It was very simple to use and the list of press contacts provided was extremely comprehensive. Quite simply we couldn't have got that reach by ourselves and certainly not at the price. Our first release was well received; we got featured in a number of publications and started dialogue with a number of journalists. We will certainly do it again whenever we have a good story to tell."

Ken McGaffin, CEO
Linking Matters
18 - "Online public relations goes hand in hand with link building. Craft a good, newsworthy press release and not only will you get editorial coverage but you'll also get quality one-way links from news websites, 'authority' websites and blogs. Great for boosting your search engine ranking.

I've used Press Dispensary to great effect and I'm happy to say that you have saved me many days of work in online marketing. I just wouldn't have the time to compile or update such an extensive database of contacts in the UK.

I'd highly recommend your service to anyone serious about online promotion."

17 - "I just wanted to write to you with regard a press release distribution your company sent out 19 December on behalf of Global Music Management.

We had a great response to it and TV Hits magazine even did a feature on our recent auditions where we found a UK male vocalist, from this, they are also doing a double page feature in next months edition.

I want to thank you all very much for a excellent, friendly and speedy service and will definitely be using you again and again. Great price too!"

James Langton
(Clearhead is a London-based support organisation)
16 - "Remember the release you sent to health editors for us last September? Well, as a result, this week (4 months later!) John Naish, the commissioning editor of the Times Saturday health section 'Body and Soul', has come through for us and given us an excellent double page spread: just the boost we were looking for. Thanks for all your help. I appreciate it."

Mike Fisher, director
British Association of Anger Management
(Anger and stress management)
14 - "Press Dispensary is a life saver and a money saver!

I have used them for four campaigns now and every time I do I get the results I need. I used to spend over £3500 per month on PR and personally it was a waste of time.

Now I spend an average of £1000 per year and I get the responses I need.

Fast, creative and zappy. Use them you will not be sorry!"

Paul Mustoe, CEO
Link Information Systems
(Link Information Systems - a Bedford, UK-based company - specialises in making company email safe.)
13 - "To the team at Press Dispensary,

Here at Link, we believe you’ve done an excellent job. From help with the creative writing to distribution of the release, there’s been a high level of professionalism and expertise. I’ve had requests from newspapers for photos and, although we only launched three days ago, I’ve already done four radio interviews and have another two lined up.

I’ll be issuing more press releases shortly and if the response is only a fraction of what we’ve got so far, we’ll be delighted. Keep up the good work!"

Kyle MacRae, founder
(Picture sales)
11 - When we launched Scoopt this summer, we spent a lot of time developing our own media contacts and sending out press releases pretty much one by one. This approach certainly paid dividends; and when you're operating on a budget of bugger all, it's sometimes all that you can do. However, there comes a point when you have to weigh up the time and effort involved - time and effort that could be more usefully exploited elsewhere in the business. So this time around, we decided to send out a press release with Press Dispensary, tailoring a contacts list to suit our message and taking advantage of the writing service. The result was encouraging and the value for money unquestionable. I reckon we'll do the same thing again next time around.

Maria Scaman , director
Battersea Contemporary Art Fair
10 - "As a seasoned professional in the marketing communications arena of some 25 years I have pretty high standards which I require of my suppliers – simply because over the years I’ve worked with the best.

The concept of The Press Dispensary could only work if it were executed by dedicated professionals and streamlined technology – and it does – in spades.

This is fast, accurate and articulate copy generation matched by fast, accurate and focussed technology.

And above all : it’s work and distribution delivered with a human touch and can-do approach when necessary – impressive."

Deborah Berke, managing director
Lost Vagueness
9 - "Press Dispensary helps us handle a steady flow of media enquiries, produce professional announcements and ensure journalists have the information they need."

Arlo Guthrie, managing director
Consult the Guru
8 - "Describing Press Dispensary as 'good value' would be like saying Pavarotti can sing. Bit of an understatement."

Alex Tanner (freelance journalist and media consultant)
7 - "In my experience, companies that issue press releases frequently fall over
on the key areas of newsworthiness, structure and writing style. It's good
to see Press Dispensary issuing professional announcements which meet the information needs of journalists - in plain English and without descending into hype."

Hilary Groom
Ambiente Interiors
(Interior design and home improvement courses)
6 - "I would like to tell you that I have been extremely pleased with the service, speed and efficiency with which you and Jo handled my request.

I know nothing about press releases and advertising and you have guided me through it with patience and ease. A big thank you and I will be sure to keep in touch for future releases and your on line press office."

Felix Velarde , director
(Digital agency)
5 - "Press Dispensary helps us reach exactly the right people, at exactly the right time. They are efficient, and effective. Need we say more?"

Craig Wilke, director, Shedlight
(Picture sales)
4 - A press release is the most cost effective means of sending our company announcements out to a wide audience - writing and then distributing press releases via your service is taking full advantage of that very principle - the results have been excellent.

Adam Jenns, managing director
3 - "This service is a godsend and saves my company spending a huge monthly retainer. For once we're getting what we pay for in a very manageable and efficient way. I'd recommend it to anyone."

Tim Burgess, managing director
Hammer Force
2 - "Press Dispensary provides us with a fast, accurate and economic means of getting our message to the right media. Best of all, we don't incur big consultant fees and we don't have to pay an agency a retainer. The success rate of getting material published has been the most pleasing aspect. Great value for money."

Rory Fidler, operations director
Marble Heating Company
1 - "Its not often I hit the keyboards in praise but I just wanted to say a big thank you for the service that you have provided with our “campaign” for want of a better word.

We have spent the last three months word smithing various poor attempts at sending out this press release and talking to all sorts of people who have promised the world at some quite astronomic prices. Press Dispensary has delivered above and beyond what we were expecting. The copy was researched written and delivered in under 24 hours even though it was a late night for Jo to put it together, it was then edited and distributed once again incredibly efficiently and in the four hours since it has been released we have had 4 queries, it is on two other web sites that we have identified and we are seeing an increase of hits onto the site already so we are expecting the first sale as a result of the exercise imminently!!

So a big thank you for delivering exactly what you said you would in an incredibly efficient and professional manner. We will be back."

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