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Is It Possible to Change the World in a Year? British Computer Geek Thinks So


January 23, 2007, Press Dispensary. Information Technology buff Mahmood Choudhury, a bona fide computer-geek and thrill-seeker, hopes he can prove that all humans are linked by six degrees of separation through an unprecedented new endeavor, SponsorMyTalent ( ).

The venture calls for Choudhury to complete 100 projects - ranging from creating a £100,000 scholarship for those who have made a difference to their community, to creating a £1billion fund to address global issues stemming from poverty, disease and war.

“If it is true that all people are ultimately connected by six degrees of separation - that is through six relationships - then, coupled with the power of the internet and our global economy, we should be able to complete projects and conquer ambitions as never before,” said Choudhury, who created SponsorMyTalent after studying the lives of influential world leaders. “This is a chance to shatter paradigms we as humans have held for hundreds of years.”

Some projects - such as collecting 500ml of ice from Mount Everest and the 16,000km global cycling relay - were added by Choudhury, while over 50 other projects will be submitted by site visitors. All projects will fit into categories, which currently include 'Business and People', 'Society and World Issues', 'Technology and Innovation', 'Art and The Environment', 'Sport and Human Endeavour'.

Once a project is added to the site, it will be displayed in the '100 project matrix', which will contain multimedia showing the amount of people involved, steps taken to launch it, video, blogs and the sponsors of the project.

“We are attempting to do something that will require co-operation and participation of people from hundreds of countries, religions, and ethnic groups. It is impossible for me to individually climb Everest and ride to the moon in the same year but if the global community works together to achieve common goals, anything is possible,” said Choudhury. “I think we need more of this in our world.”

The year long countdown has already begun, and Choudhury hopes to complete all projects by January 1, 2008.

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Notes for editors
Launched in September 2006 by British internet buff, Mahmood Choudhury, SponsorMyTalent is a global web-based venture to accomplish seemingly impossible projects and initiatives.

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Mahmood Choudhury, founder & CEO Ltd
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Mahmood Choudhury, founder & CEO
Tel: 0207 6109768