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450,000 Asylum Seekers to be Allowed to Remain in UK


July 30, 2007, Press Dispensary. It has come to the attention of leading immigration consultancy that the Home Office is preparing to grant over 450,000 asylum seekers 'Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (ILR)'.

All cases that were pending in the system before the Immigration and Nationality Directorate obtained agency status in April 2007 are to be considered for ILR to clear the backlog. The Home Office will begin with families, many of whom have had children since arriving in the UK, increasing the exact numbers to an unknown figure.

Director Liam Clifford, says: "The Borders and Immigration Agency or BIA simply does not have the resources to tackle the problem and cannot investigate each case properly so it is going to grant all the applications it can in order to clear the backlog.

"In another admission of its inability to cope, the Home Office has given current instructions to prosecute anyone claiming NAS (National Asylum Support) benefits and working illegally earning over £4,000. However, this cannot be achieved because of a lack of resources. In our experience, and from what we are being told, officers now only deal with cases where people are illegally earning in excess of £20,000 p.a. Even in these cases, the Home Office and Department of Work and Pensions can only afford to slap the person on the wrist as no other options are available to them.

"While the UK Home Office talks tough and claims that biometrics and joint agency co-operation will reduce immigration of low skilled migrants and terrorists, they are preparing for one of the UK’s biggest mass grants of Leave to Remain for asylum seekers in history. The Home Office has said that this will not be called an amnesty as it may create the wrong impression. However, the word is out at street level that completing the questionnaire which the Home Office is about to send out to 450,000 people and families will result in the right to stay in the UK.

“With a record number of people emigrating overseas and UK PLC unable to attract the right skills it desperately requires, why does the government continue to present barriers for highly skilled people to come here, while being lenient on those immigrants who are of no benefit to our economy, and may actually burden the public purse and local council resources?

“In recent years, many of our corporate clients have been finding it more difficult to deal with the immigration process for highly skilled workers and work permits, which is about to get worse with commercial partnerships, biometrics, compliance audits and off-shore visa processing. In spite of this asylum seekers can arrive with no checks or controls and receive benefits and Leave to Remain."

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Notes for editors
Liam Clifford started life with UK Immigration, working for years under the Official Secrets Act.

He now runs the UK's largest visa and immigration business with over 4,000 requests for help per week from people wishing to leave the UK or gain entry to work. The company only deals with highly skilled individuals and employers who require overseas skills to provide a competitive advantage.

The company does not agree with the way the UK immigration strategy seems to admit low skilled people and refugees while, at every step, it hinders the movement of those highly educated and hard working people the UK needs.

Liam Clifford has become a leading figure in UK immigration and visas world-wide. He has even sat on the Government UK Work Permit User Panels and UK Visas panels and has met over a dozen home secretaries.

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