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Snorestopper Saved Our Marriage, Says Leeds Couple

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September 18, 2007, Press Dispensary. A husband and wife from Leeds, Tony and Lesley Newton, saved their 36 year marriage from the brink of collapse caused by Tony’s loud and persistent snoring. Now, the couple help other people whose lives are affected by snoring by marketing their own patented product to combat the unwanted somnambulistic sounds. The Snorestopper™ ( ‘intelligent anti-snoring device’ - now in its second version - is available through their company, Friendbest Medical Ltd, and looks set to go down a storm in the pre-Christmas market.

Tony, 63, started snoring when he was 52, which research shows is a common age for men to become afflicted with the problem. Tony explains: “I tried everything to overcome the nightly noises, including nasal strips, creams, mouth guards and anything else Lesley and I could find. Most of these products were uncomfortable and a little bit embarrassing to use but nothing actually worked. Even if you have an operation for snoring, the problem can recur, so that was not an option I would consider.”

As far as Lesley, 62, was concerned, the beginnings of her urge for a snoring-related divorce came when she and Tony went on a 30th wedding anniversary trip to Italy in 2001.

She says: “It was a complete nightmare. My husband was sleeping soundly in the bedroom of the lovely Italian hotel where we were meant to be ‘celebrating’ our anniversary. I’d hoped that, by booking a twin-bedded room, we could at least sleep in the same space in honour of this special occasion… but his loud snoring made any sort of peaceful sleep impossible for me. I ended up dragging the mattress from the spare bed across the floor to the en-suite bathroom, where I lay down, staring at the porcelain rather than my ‘beloved’ other half, all tearful and angry.” planning the grounds for divorce."

She adds: “During the daytimes, our dreams of romantic meals and seeing the sights were dashed by me being exhausted and grumpy. At night, the same ordeal occurred every time – a cacophony of roars just like a traction engine ramping up for business. It was driving me mad and I felt like screaming.

“All we wanted was a good night’s sleep – together – like a ‘normal’ man and wife. Without the constant bickering and arguments caused by long-term sleep disturbance which felt, at times, more challenging to me than having a new-born baby in the room!”

However, light was at the end of the tunnel. Just as Lesley really was on the verge of suggesting the two should go their own separate ways, Tony fell asleep on a sunbed upstairs in the couple’s Leeds house. Downstairs, Lesley awaited the inevitable snores as he relaxed under the UV lamps and fell asleep… but none started. “Did you decide not to sun yourself,” Lesley asked? Realising that Tony had, in fact, fallen asleep on the sunbed - but minus his usual undulations and roarings - the couple decided to examine the device. Tony realised that the UV light emitted by the bed must have triggered him out of snoring mode for some reason… and, two years later, he had a prototype ‘Snorestopper’ to test-drive in the marital bed.

The couple lay down as usual. Tony started snoring and Lesley turned on the machine. Slowly but surely, the familiar snoring noises abated. The machine worked!

Four years later and the Snorestopper is now in version two and Lesley and Tony have over 10,000 units so far, with an 80% success rate in beating users’ snores.

Tony says: “Many people seem to think snoring is a huge joke but, for sufferers and their partners, it is nothing of the kind. The resulting sleep disturbance can cause everything from stress and anger to low libido, ill health, poor performance at work and impaired concentration, which can affect everyday tasks we take for granted, such as driving.”

He adds: “Other couples have written to thank us for saving their marriages. With one in eight people in the UK affected by snoring, this is a problem that isn’t going to disappear overnight, unless a handy device such as the Snorestopper chases it out of the bedroom – hopefully for good!”

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Notes for editors
About Friendbest and the Snorestopper

Friendbest Medical, a family-run business, was established in 1984 and is based in Morley, Leeds. The company has worked to solve the problem of snoring since 1997. It first launched a manual anti-snoring device in 2000 and, after further research and development, released the first Snorestopper™ in 2004, which received great interest from snorers and the Ministry of Defence alike. The results of independent market research* showed a success rate of 80% for the product. The second, upgraded version of the product came to market in 2007.

Snorestopper version two plugs into mains voltage and is fitted with a microchip, patented in the US, which holds a library bank of snores – ranging from delicate to booming. On the first night of usage, Snorestopper will trawl through its library to find the precise sound match for a snorer. It then uses its pulsing, pale pink light sequence to control snoring by altering the person’s level of consciousness without waking them up: it basically triggers people into a non snoring mode.

Providing ‘sleep on the cheap’ for snorers and their partners, the Snorestopper costs £99.49 plus P&P and comes with a one year warranty The device is available by mail order from

* Conducted by Thru the Line between Dec 03 and Feb 04.

For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact:
Lesley / Tony Newton, Friendbest Ltd
Tel: 0845 2416744

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Lesley / Tony Newton
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