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A World of Furniture… A World of Pine’ Green Taxes itself in Support of Forestry Commission

And creates a world where trees really do grow…

November 20, 2007, Press Dispensary. Salisbury, Poole and Blandford Forum based furniture retailer, A World of Furniture... A World of Pine ( http://www.aworldofpine.co.uk ) is helping to offset the depletion of natural resources – i.e. trees - by imposing an unusual ‘green tax’ on itself. Inspired by Ray Mears and in support of the Forestry Commission, the scheme is thought to be the first of its kind within the UK furniture industry.

In its three large, out of town superstores, A World of Furniture… A World of Pine sells mainly oak and solid pine lines provided by over 30 UK and international suppliers. From late November 07, in selected areas close to A World of Furniture’s stores, the Forestry Commission is carrying out the replanting of trees. For every item of furniture sold, one deciduous or coniferous tree will be replanted.

Mark Hotson, proprietor, says: “We came up this ‘green tax / offsetting’ idea because we want to help sustain a resource that our industry is directly responsible for diminishing. The scheme will be ongoing and, with assistance from the Forestry Commission, we hope to subsidise the planting of many thousands of trees every year. So, A World of Furniture really does create trees!”

He adds: “We hope that other furniture retailers and manufacturers, including the large national ones, will be inspired to follow our example.”

Mr Hotson has been greatly influenced by Ray Mears, whom he met on a trip to the Arctic in 2003, after his wife won a competition for this memorable vacation. He says: “Visiting the Swedish high Arctic led me into a journey of discovery about our natural surroundings. Having been under the tutelage of Woodlore – Ray Mears’ own company – for the last few years, my understanding and respect for the great outdoors has increased. Now, at last, using A World of Furniture as a vehicle to put something back, I can do my bit to help the environment.”

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Notes for editors
A World of Furniture was established by husband and wife team, Mark and Lucy Hotson, in Salisbury in 1993. The Poole and Blandford Forum superstores were opened in 2007 and 2004 respectively. The company sells solid pine and oak furniture from 30 suppliers and employs 23 people aged 17 to 67.

For further information, please contact:
Mark Hotson, A World of Furniture
Tel: 01722 413532 / 07977 582233
Site: www.aworldofpine.co.uk

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Mark Hotson
Tel: 01722 413532 / 07977 582233
Site: www.aworldofpine.co.uk

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