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Radio Ensures Memorable Messages are Sent Forever


April 15, 2008, Press Dispensary. Specialist communications company ( is offering an unusual alternative to the traditional greetings card by using radio waves rather than paper to convey messages of congratulations, remembrance and love.

Personalised messages and announcements can be created online and are transmitted at the speed of light via a dedicated BT transmission dish situated at the historic Goonhilly earth station in Cornwall. Each message is designed to last – quite literally – forever: an eternal memory of the sender. From transmission, the message travels over the Mediterranean coast at a height of 450 miles and within five hours leaves the solar system to continue its journey through space and remain in the universe for all time.

Other documents such as manuscripts, drawings, photographs, poetry and music - once converted to digital format - can also be sent in this way to provide a lasting and highly unusual gift or treasured keepsake for future generations.

According to market research analyst Mintel, the UK greeting card industry is the most successful of its type in the world and worth over £1.3 billion annually - in 2006 an estimated 800 publishers produced more than 2.87 billion greeting cards for the well wishing British public. Since launching in January 2008, SentForever’s ethereal alternative has been used to relay a plethora of good wishes for all occasions including birthdays, Valentine’s day and Mother’s day, and even to convey messages intended for the deceased.

The cost of the service starts at £9.95. Once transmitted, a message can be tracked to see how far it has travelled and the recipient will receive a certificate of transmission detailing its contents; a premium silver service also provides the recipient with a solid silver keepsake. An international service is available.

Chris Thomason of SentForever says: “In a world where so much is transient in nature, and paper greeting cards are thrown away after a few days, SentForever’s service is the ultimate way of showing commitment to someone special. In a billion years the sun will become a giant red star and engulf the Earth erasing all traces of our individual existence, but the messages will continue their way through the universe for the rest of time.”

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Notes for editors was established in January 2008 and is based in Reigate, Surrey. The business is solely involved in eternal communications. The company is privately owned and operated by Chris Thomason, an innovation consultant, and Stephanie Baillache, former head of marketing for a high street bank.

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