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2,000 Naked Cyclists to Ride through 7 UK Cities in Demonstration Against Climate Change and Cars


June 06, 2008, Press Dispensary. The World Naked Bike Ride ( ) is now in its fifth year, and the rides in early June 2008 are expected to mobilise 2,000+ riders across seven UK cities (London, Brighton, Manchester, York, Southampton, Sheffield and Cardiff). Worldwide, the World Naked Bike Ride takes place in over 50 locations and is believed to be the largest nude protest event in history. The ride is an environmental demonstration against oil dependency and is also a celebration of cycling and the human body.

Riding under the slogan “real rights for bikes”, participants cycle naked to highlight their vulnerability on city streets and draw attention to the destructive effects of car culture. The ride is a body-positive event where nudity is optional – riders are encouraged to go “as bare as you dare”.

In 2007, the London event alone attracted more than 1,000 riders, setting a new record for naked protest. Brighton, Southampton, York and Manchester last year were attended by an impressive 220, 102, 100, and 60 riders respectively. Ride routes offer participants an enjoyable “naked sightseeing experience”, passing a number of city centre landmarks. As in previous years, in some UK cities, cycle-mounted police will facilitate the ride and provide traffic control.

Rides will be spread out over the first two weekends in June. The first ride will begin on Friday June 6, at 6pm, in Southampton. On Saturday June 7, rides will take place in Brighton (11am), and York (4pm). At 2pm on Sunday June 8, Sheffield's first ride will set off. Then the following Friday, June 13, features an evening ride in Manchester (6pm), and on Saturday June 14, London's massive ride will begin at 3pm, at Hyde Park Corner. On the same day, Cardiff (time TBC) will hold the first ever ride in Wales. This year's ride timings will allow the ambitious protestor to attend several events.

The rides are just one of the many campaigns against the destructive effects of climate change and oil dependency. For many people around the world, economic and environmental realities are prompting greener lifestyle choices.

Previous rider, Jenny Pryce, 24, says: “This is my favourite protest event of the year! It's a fun, lively, and funny way to highlight the most important problems of our generation. I believe that car culture blights our world and its cities. We need to move away from dependence on the automobile."

She continues: "We need to take on climate change ourselves. It's pointless to wait for others to provide us with Solutions. The government and industry are reluctant to take substantial actions to avoid climate disaster, but we can pressure them into doing the right thing if we make our demands clear enough.”

Brighton ride organiser, Duncan Blinkhorn, says: “We’re celebrating bikes and bodies as the cheap and cheerful, clean and green future for city transport. The rocketing oil prices are hitting motorists where it hurts, yet many could do themselves and everyone else a favour by opting for more human-friendly ways to get about.

“I ditched the family car over a year ago and replaced it with a tandem and a Family Railcard. I’ve saved thousands and am healthier and happier for it. I’d recommend other do the same - come and join the party!”

Those wishing to participate can find more details at

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Notes for editors
Rides schedule:

Friday 6 June
* Southampton: meet 6pm on the east side of Southampton Common, near the western end of Omdurman Road, SO17 1BF

Saturday 7 June
* Brighton & Hove: meet 11am at The Level, a park south of Union Road, Brighton, BN2 3FX
* York: meet 4pm at Memorial Gardens, off Leeman Road, York, YO26 4ZZ

Sunday 8 June
* Sheffield: meet at 2pm in Endcliffe Park, at the Victoria Monument.

Friday 13 June
* Manchester: meet 6pm at The Basement social centre, 24 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1DW

Saturday 14 June
* Cardiff: (see website for meeting time and location)
* London: meet 3pm north of Achilles Statue, near Broad Walk, Hyde Park Corner, London, W1J 7JZ

Footage of previous rides:

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Mike King (London) – Tel: 020 8299 0484 / Mobile: 07973 303707 / Web:
Kevin Meredith: 07951 479552 /
Nigel Swallow: 01273 686506 /
The Argus (newspaper): 01273 544544 /

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Further images available: Details on request (discretionary)

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Further information:
* Interviewees are available on request
* London ride is part of Love London Festival 2008:
*The London ride is making specific demands: cycle-only zones in cities, real rights for cyclists, safer streets, two-way high-volume cycle corridors, and a ban on car advertising.
* Most northern hemisphere rides will take place on 7 June 2008. Southern hemisphere rides take place on 14 March 2009. Next year’s UK rides will be clustered around the weekend of 13-14 June 2009.


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