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Botox Banished to B-List as Beauvage(R) Steals the Show with a Star Studded Anti-Ageing Cream


February 09, 2009, Press Dispensary. Beauvage Skincare is launching its premier product the ‘champagne and caviar’ of age-defying formulas with its new Beauvage ® Intense Lifting Cream. It could just be the closest treatment to Botox without the need for an injection.

Beauvage ® Intense Lifting Cream is a potent cocktail featuring two A-list stars - Syn®Ake and Matrixyl® - plus a cast of supporting actives. Ideal for women aged 25 plus, the luxury cream is an anti-wrinkle formula, anti-oxidant and moisturiser rolled into one. It comes in a luxurious jar infused with champagne and caviar extracts for that special, red carpet treatment.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Kingsley are said to be big fans of Syn®Ake. Syn®Ake, winner of the ‘Swiss Technology Award 2006’, is a peptide that reduces lines and wrinkles visibly in just 28 days, with up to 52% wrinkle reduction and 82% smoothing effect.

Matrixyl® Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 is another powerful player in the scene. This breakthrough ingredient stimulates collagen production and can give Botox a run for its money in the anti-wrinkle department. Matryxil® becomes even more effective when combined with other peptides, such as Syn®Ake. The results of a four month French study, presented at the 2002 World Congress of Dermatology, revealed that Matrixyl ® produced dramatic changes in the appearance of ageing facial skin. Changes included a 50% decrease in wrinkle depth, 68% decrease in wrinkle density and 24% decrease in wrinkle volume.

Also contained in Beauvage ® Intense Lifting Cream is Calmosensine: an ingredient promoting the natural release of messengers that trigger feelings of wellbeing. It naturally tranquilises stressed skin to prevent the onset of expression lines and wrinkles. Also listed in the credits are Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins C, E and CoQ10.

Aileen Cornwell-Lee, director of Channel Health, the founder and formulator of Beauvage®, says: “As I’m sure the stars would agree, it’s never too soon to start protecting your skin – but you need the right product. The creation of the Beauvage range stemmed from my disillusionment with the formulas from major, high street brands. Our high-quality, anti-ageing products are backed by science and use naturally active ingredients, wherever possible, while avoiding parabens.”

She adds: “Unlike many rival brands, we disclose our proven wrinkle reduction as a percentage and we also list our ingredients. Consumers deserve to make an informed decision to buy stellar products backed by science.”

You don't need to be on the rich list to bring out the celebrity in you! No need for separate day and night cream. That's just clever marketing. Beauvage ® Intense Lifting Cream is impressively priced at £60. It's a star skincare product which will prove to be a real crowd pleaser!

Order your pot of pure indulgence from or call 01948 820831 to place an order. Worldwide shipping is available.

Men won't be kept waiting long for the sequel to this epic cream: the scene is already set for a male version of Beauvage® Intense Lifting Cream later this year.

For a free sample of Beauvage ® Intense Lifting Cream, please contact Aileen Cornwall-Lee on 01948 820831 / 07814 371672 or email at

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Notes for editors
Channel Health Ltd was formed in 2004 to produce and market the Beauvage line of luxury anti-ageing skincare treatments, based on ingredients where ‘science meets nature’. The range initially included 10 products which are now being reformulated, repackaged and re-launched. Beauvage ® Intense Lifting Cream is the first of the revamped products.

Headed by Aileen Cornwell-Lee – whose background encompasses pharmaceutical sales and marketing as well as nursing - Channel Health Ltd is a resident company of the Channel Islands and also has a base in the UK. Its products are manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 standards, are paraben-free and are not tested on animals.

Channel Health is seeking world-wide partners to market its products. The company is creating a private label line so partners can own their own brands with low minimum orders. This model is popular in the US but is not available in the UK where, currently, bulk orders must be placed for ‘white label’ products.

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Aileen Cornwell-Lee, director
Tel: 01948 820831 / 07814 371672