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Coldbeancreations Serves Up ‘TechNature’ E-Monitoring System for Home Workers


April 28, 2009, Press Dispensary. Coldbeancreations Ltd, a Leeds-based software services company, is helping businesses cut costs during the downturn while also benefitting the environment. The company is launching its ‘TechNature’ electronic monitoring system for home workers, which means SMEs can set up virtual teams and rest assured that employees will be properly managed by sophisticated auditing software. In time, the product could change the way a whole host of businesses run their office functions.

Ideal for public and private sector SMEs, TechNature is designed to help businesses move employees into home offices, thereby cutting unnecessary costs such as office space, heating, lighting and stationery. In turn, employees can avoid travelling to work, which reduces the carbon footprint of any business.

Designed to run alongside employee consultation and modernised employment contracts, TechNature comprises a downloadable program based on a customised version of 'Windows Explorer’. This allows the user to log in and out at the start and end of their working day – the same as traditional clocking on and off. The program can be used like Windows Explorer or users can minimise and ignore it, only returning to it at the end of the day to submit their timesheet, if required.

The timesheet is compiled in the background thanks to the program’s electronic monitoring capabilities which capture screen, keyboard and system events such as: USB usage; extra drive connections; file open/creation/deletion actions; even system downtime and internet access. It cleverly records all work done between log in and out (i.e. during the paid working day).

TechNature is ‘thin client’ software - it resides on the user’s machine, not on the internet - and communicates with the servers either at Coldbeancreations Ltd or at the employer’s head office. All data sent between the home worker’s machine and the server is encrypted to maintain the highest security standards.

By logging into TechNature’s ‘back end’ on the server, managers of home workers can browse vital information via a web browser and view screenshots and keyboard logs, internet and file access logs, login and out times and a summary timesheet - everything needed to prove staff are doing their job! The manager can, of course, view this information from home and run virtual teams remotely. The system is ideal for solicitors, business analysts, software professionals, legal secretaries, recruitment agency staff, and many more.

Gary Wilson, director of Coldbeancreations Ltd, says: “The benefits of home working are widely understood these days. Employees don’t have to rise at 6am to catch a train or jump in a car, and there’s no need to foot the bill for transport and parking costs. Not only does this represent an instant pay increase, which is desirable during the downturn, but it means employees can enjoy a ‘shorter’ working day while actually completing more ‘up-time’ than if they were based in a traditional office. As well as cost-cutting, the employer may benefit from employees who are more productive and less stressed.”

He adds: “However, it’s vital to implement the right systems to manage home workers, rather than just leaving them to ‘get on with it’ and trusting that they won’t time-waste! TechNature is designed around Coldbeancreation’s sophisticated user monitoring system and is as effective as checking up on employees in a traditional, physical workplace. The question employers should be asking is ‘do you want to work from home with the condition that you agree to electronic monitoring using encrypted communications, email and formal document management' during your working day? For many employees, the answer will be a resounding ‘yes’.”

“Businesses that already have informal ‘work from home’ arrangements can use TechNature to formalise the practise and adopt it on a wider scale. And they can enjoy the knowledge that they are helping themselves, their employees and the planet!”

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Coldbeancreations Ltd is based in Leeds and was established in May 2007 to provide software systems and services for home and office users and network monitoring systems for SMEs. The company employs three people. See:

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