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Firefox(R) SMS Systems Introduces Saviour for Cell Phone Contacts

SaveCell(R) can remotely remove phonebook contents from stolen phones

June 23, 2009, Press Dispensary. Firefox SMS Systems, the mobile security company, today launched a software product - SaveCell(R) ( ) - which allows mobile phone users on any network to secure their contact lists simply, immediately and inexpensively.

The SaveCell® software is available for commonly used mobile phones including Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung and LG and is provided free with the SaveCell secure storage service. It is the first to backup and secure mobile phone contacts completely automatically using the SMS text messaging service, which is a component of all mobile phone users’ feature plans. The online SaveCell Vault provides inexpensive and secure storage for a phone's contacts, and a small fee is charged monthly by Premium Rate SMS.

While users of smartphones and more technical mobile phone users can access traditional phone-to-PC synchronisation applications, many owners of standard mobile phones are completely unfamiliar with such software and processes. Firefox SaveCell satisfies the need for a simple and entirely automatic answer to the problem of lost contact information in missing and stolen handsets.

The SaveCell application is loaded on to a mobile phone from the SaveCell website. It preserves the contact list automatically by saving it encrypted in the SaveCell Vault every time a new contact is added or one is changed. SaveCell's sign-up and billing system doesn't require a name, address or a debit or credit card number to be supplied. It uses a Premium Rate SMS text message to charge £1 per month for the service, and this low charge appears on a user’s normal mobile phone bill.

Paul Hopkins of Firefox SMS Systems said: "We heard so many sob stories from people who lost all their contacts because their phone went missing, was stolen or they had dropped it down the loo. The pain of that loss was obvious! A simple service was needed to preserve those vital contacts for users of the more commonly found mobile phones, across all networks. SaveCell fits the bill because it is simple, easy, inexpensive and automatic. You don't even need to remember to sync your phone - everything is done automatically."

If a mobile phone user loses their handset or it is stolen, all their contact information can be easily and securely retrieved from the SaveCell Vault, via SMS, into a new, compatible phone. The SaveCell user can ask the SaveCell Vault to remotely destroy the contact list on their stolen phone before they report the theft to their mobile service provider - i.e. before the phone is disabled and placed on the UK’s National Mobile Phone Register. Many mobile phones have been stolen for their contact lists and this service helps to reduce identity theft.

Tony Dennis, editor, Mobile Software Insight, commented: "There are plenty of sophisticated phonebook backup applications available to power users of smartphones. However, Firefox has tackled the problem with a mass market product which even your granny could use. Not only is SaveCell easy to set up and functions with virtually no user intervention, but it is also financed by a payment mechanism which absolutely everybody understands – premium rate SMS text messaging. It's a 'fit and forget' answer to the eternal problem of 'what happens to all my contact numbers if I lose the phone?' Better still, there's a Nuke facility which stops a thief from stealing all your phonebook numbers."

The SaveCell phone application is fully Symbian Signed to work on the majority of cell phones that use the Symbian Operating System. This includes Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Lenovo and Siemens phones. A full list can be viewed on the SaveCell website at ( ) or on the Symbian Series 60 website at ( ).

The application is available for download today and the SaveCell website has a comprehensive FAQ section which addresses most user questions. In addition, there's a SaveCell Forum where people can share stories about their experiences – especially if they have crazy tales of lost and stolen phones – and the SaveCell Blog will keep them up-to-date on news from the mobile world on security-related issues.

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Notes for editors
About Firefox SMS Systems:
Firefox SMS Systems Limited is a privately held company whose owners include two of the original founders of Firefox Communications of the UK - which was one of the first 'internet stocks' to go public in the mid-90s in the USA. Firefox built a reputation for solving communications and networking problems and the same approach is now being applied to mobile phone communications. SaveCell is the first product aimed at non-sophisticated users of everyday mobile phones and targeted at the ever present problem of lost contact information when phones are lost or stolen.

Firefox® is a Registered Trade Mark in the UK and a Trade Mark in other countries of The Charlton Company – a co-owner of Firefox SMS Systems Limited. A Trade Mark License Agreement exists between The Charlton Company and the Mozilla Foundation with respect to the Mozilla Foundation’s use of the Firefox Trade Mark for the Mozilla browser of that name. SaveCell® is a Registered Trade Mark in the UK and a Trade Mark in other countries and SaveCell Vault™ is a Trade Mark of Firefox SMS Systems Limited, Redditch, United Kingdom.

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Paul Hopkins, sales director
Tel: 01527 597122 / 07774 600598

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