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Search Engine Explorer Automates Searching Multiple Websites


June 29, 2009, Press Dispensary. SJC and Co ( ), an English software development company, is releasing Version 4.1 of its successful multiple Search Engine Explorer (SEE) system, developed in Visual DataFlex v14.

SEE ( ), can submit searches to multiple search engines and retains the results in its own database. SEE recognises the details of over 75 search engines as delivered, and users can add more if required. New in this version, is the ability to select search engines by type – such as shopping, software, science or business - and automatically search just the installed search engines for that type.

Web searches can produce varying results depending on which search engine is used and SEE is a very quick and efficient way to make sure that no results are overlooked. SEE can also display results listed for each search engine individually, making it easy to decide which are best for particular subjects.

Simon Coyne, proprietor of SJC and Co, says: “Different users will have different specialisations. As an example for the health industry you could add search engine types for each health industry sector. Within these types you could add the details of the search related to websites that were relevant for each health industry sector, to provide a highly customised extended search capability.”

Chris Hibbert, marketing manager at Asckey Data Services, UK reseller of the Visual DataFlex Application Development system, comments: “Compared with the usual transient nature of web site searches, just being able to revisit search results is a great help. The ‘one stop’ multi search engine submission is useful even to me as an ordinary web searcher - for those involved in specialist research and academia in general, I can see Search Engine Explorer as being a hugely useful tool.”

Simon Coyne, who is also a Java programmer, concludes: “I have found Visual DataFlex a much the easier system to develop applications with as the commands are more English like. Plus, Visual Dataflex provides many very high level facilities that you would have to build for yourself in other languages, such as the web browsers I have built into SEE. This has saved a huge amount of development time that I could then put into Search Engine Explorer itself.”

Search Engine Explorer has already achieved plaudits from several organisations, including SoftHypermarket, ITShareware, SoftLists. To view, please visit

For more details of Search Engine Explorer, please visit . SEE is downloadable from there as an evaluation copy. For further information, please contact SJC and Co at .

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