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Berlitz Launches Language Learning Program, Earworms MBT

Bestselling audio book uses catchy tunes (earworms) to teach foreign languages

July 13, 2009, Press Dispensary. Berlitz UK, one of the world’s premier foreign language organisations, is adding the bestselling range of audio books, Earworms Musical Brain Trainer (MBT - ), to its portfolio and is bringing this new concept to UK retail outlets.

Earworms MBT takes an entirely new approach to language learning, based on the science behind catchy songs that become stuck in one’s head (the auditory cortex). Earworms works by pairing melodic tunes with soft-spoken foreign words, phrases and their translations. The result: a highly effective method for internalising conversational foreign languages simply by listening. Unlike other language programs, which require intense grammar exercises and repetitive drills, the Earworms method requires minimum concentration and is user-friendly, relaxing and fun. It gives the listener the ability to unwind while simultaneously learning a new language.

"We are confident about the launch of this new series," says Sam Bufton, marketing manager of Berlitz UK. "It’s such a successful method for learning - we immediately knew it would be the perfect complement to our wide range of foreign language products."

Earworms is already seeing incredible success in terms of sales and customer reviews. The audio book has routinely ranked number one for downloads in the US, UK, and Australia, and was recently named an iTunes Top 5 non-fiction best seller, alongside 'The Secret', 'Stephen Colbert', and 'This American Life'. More than mere hype, Earworms also has an average Amazon customer rating of four stars or higher for every title available.

"Our vision is for adults and children alike to see that learning languages can be made easy, more convenient and enjoyable," says Andrew Lodge, Earworms' managing director. "Berlitz is a global market leader in language learning and its commitment to advanced learning techniques makes it the perfect natural partner for us.”

The Berlitz release of Earworms MBT is underway with more than 18 different language titles - including Spanish, French, Mandarin, Russian, Arabic and Italian. Earworms MBT will be available in bookstores and retail outlets across the UK, and can also be purchased online.

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Notes for editors
The Earworms MBT method is based on the scientific relationship between songs becoming ‘stuck in one’s head’ and the brain’s auditory cortex. By combining memorable music with foreign languages, Earworms has discovered an effortless, enjoyable and highly effective way to internalise language into long-term memory, ready for instant recall.

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