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OmniGlobe Networks EMEA Signs Contract with the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU)


September 14, 2009, Press Dispensary. IBC, Amsterdam, 14 September 2009 - OmniGlobe Networks EMEA ( ), a leading supplier of communications equipment and systems for satellite and terrestrial transmissions, today announces that it is set to become the first satellite service provider to supply mobile Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) services for connection to the revolutionary MENOS (Multimedia Exchange Network Over Satellite) network. This news follows the signing of a significant contract with the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) to deliver three fully-equipped Bucky driveway SNG systems to its members across the North Africa and the Middle East region.

ASBU, which has just won this year’s IBC Innovation Awards for Content Delivery, is a professional organization which includes 28 Arab networks.  Its need to develop a new, fast and efficient means of exchanging content and other value added services resulted in MENOS, a fully-automated multimedia concept designed to support all of the transmission applications required by its broadcast members, allowing the integration of video, audio, data and voice content to be shared over large geographical areas on a single network, and improving the performance of news and programs exchanges over satellite systems.

OmniGlobe will be working in partnership with Sat-Comm to deliver compact vehicle-based DSNG solutions that are tailored to match ASBU’s specific requirements.  Optimized for the terrain conditions of the Middle East and North Africa region, they are easy to install and can be fitted in under an hour with minimal training. Once installed, the systems can be easily removed and transferred between vehicles, a vital feature that ensures that breakdowns no longer take the news off the air. The three Buckys will be equipped with powerful mobile auto-deploy AuraSat 1.2m antenna systems as well as all the associated equipment required to convert the video signals for direct transmission to a satellite. The vehicles will also include video cameras as well as audio and video editing capabilities, and operate over multiple satellites, allowing digital transmission to the MENOS network.

“The broadcast industry is extremely fast-paced and we are constantly looking at ways to improve our technology and services, and provide optimum broadcast services,” explained Eng. Abdelrahim Suleiman, ASBU Director of Engineering Affairs. “OmniGlobe was chosen based on their industry experience, high level of customer service and ability to deliver a unique and robust solution to closely match our operational and environmental requirements.”

“The Middle East satellite market is growing from strength to strength and we are extremely proud to have been selected by ASBU as a supplier of professional, reliable and affordable mobile MENOS-certified DSNG services” explained David Harper, Managing Director, OmniGlobe Networks EMEA. “I believe this success is a direct result of our emphasis on working closely with our customers and our ability our ability to successfully implement turnkey solutions. This news confirms our reputation for delivering a winning combination of quality and expertise in a highly competitive market,” he added.

OmniGlobe EMEA is ideally positioned to equip the growing needs of the satellite broadcast industry in the Middle East region with its wide selection of TV contribution facilities, from fully integrated man-portable Ku-band terminals for Fast News Gathering (FNG)  to a range of compact and cost-effective mobile satellite systems that matches any budget. Its latest addition includes sophisticated OB-DSNG solutions that can support up to 4 cameras and associated audio video editing suite.

For more information about the MENOS-certified DSNG services, please visit OmniGlobe Networks EMEA at IBC booth 4.B79A (UK pavilion).

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About OmniGlobe Networks EMEA
Based in the UK, OmniGlobe Networks EMEA (a wholly-owned subsidiary of OmniGlobe Networks) has nearly 25 years’ experience in providing advanced network services to the satellite and broadcast industries. OmniGlobe EMEA designs innovative RF earth stations and VSAT networks to deliver outstanding performance and reliability. In addition, where satellite communications determine the selection of applications, this project-engineering company has delivered turnkey networks to broadcasters, PTT and government markets. Omniglobe also manages a fully-equipped service repair centre and delivers training courses covering all aspects of satellite communications. Its wide customer base ranges from banking, broadcast, commercial, government and security markets as well as telcos and NGO organisations. The company focuses on supplier and customer relations and is ISO 9001 certified. For more information, contact Omniglobe at Lapwing 440, Frimley Business Park, Frimley, Surrey, GU16 7SZ, United Kingdom, tel: ჸ (0) 1276 418 908, email: , or visit the company web site at

About ASBU
The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) is a professional, non-profit organization. It groups all the Arab governmental radio and television corporations. Since 1996, membership has been extended to Arab privately owned radio and television channels. ASBU has been joined by non-Arab, foreign radio and television corporations as Affiliate Members. It holds an outstanding place among international and regional broadcasting unions with which it has strong professional relations. ASBU has always accorded a major importance to developing and promoting news and programs exchange between its members and strived to implement technical frames of leading edge technologies to support its exchange activities. ASBU has always been very active also in negotiating and acquiring TV rights for major sport events on behalf of its members. It also offers a wide range of professional services. ASBU also offers its services to a large number of other Arab and international broadcasters.

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