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Vinifera for Life Has New Taste For Food Ingredients Market

New wine-based food ingredient launches November 2009:

November 17, 2009, London. Press Dispensary. Think about a Cabernet-Sauvignon baguette, a Chardonnay muffin or even a fettuccine with a hint of Ice wine, but without a change in texture and offering many health benefits. Mark Walpole, highly acclaimed Canadian chef de cuisine, used to work around the Niagara region of Ontario (Canada’s best wine producing region) where he found such benefits in wine grape skin that he turned his discovery into a wholly new invention: a red wine coloured powder of delectable taste that is now launching for the first time in the UK.  

The flour, named Vinifera For Life, comes in three different flavours: Cabernet, Chardonnay and Ice wine – native to Canada – and has been shown to contain a number of health benefits. According to research done by the Guelph Food Technology Centre, an independent Canadian specialist in food R&D, Vinifera For Life contains:

 High amounts of fibre which helps the digestive system.
 Antioxidants which kill free radicals in the human body, those of which are responsible for cancer and other illnesses.    
 Resveratrol, which prevents the clogging of arteries.
 Omega 3, which can provide protection against cardiovascular disease, arthritis, skin conditions and depression.

Its market is food producers who are looking for an ingredient to bring fascinating and creative new flavours, with new health properties, to their products.

Mark Walpole comments: “The ingredient has three main marketing angles: its nutrient profile, its connection with health through the association with the health benefits of red wine, and the sheer romance of having a Cabernet bread or a Champagne cracker.”

The benefits of wine flour are not only restricted to food based products such as bread and pastas but to other related industries as diverse as chocolates, cosmetics, energy drinks and teas.  The potential behind Vinifera for Life is almost limitless.

The future of Vinifera For Life looks rosy. Already attracting considerable interest from the food market internationally, and imported by a select number of British bakers, its official UK launch means it is destined to flourish, as the functional food market is one of the fastest growing segments in the food industry.

Journalists interested in an information package and sample should contact Michael Ackerman on 07551 845 536 or Ư 64 72 980 056.  For regular updates and information, they can also register on the Vinifera For Life website:

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Notes for editors
Vinifera For Life is the brainchild of Certified Chef de Cuisine Mark Walpole.

His natural instincts as a chef combined with his proximity to Niagara wine country led to the development of a grape flour/powder consisting of grape seeds and skins - which are otherwise disposed or used as fertilizer by wineries following crush - turned into a premium ingredient in gourmet bread, pasta and other products.

As the driving force behind Vinifera For Life, Walpole has put his more than 30 years of experience as an internationally-recognised chef to good use.

Vinifera for Life LLP is based in the UK.

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