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London has a temper to match Gordon Brown's


February 26, 2010, Press Dispensary. The angriest place in the UK isn't Number 10 but the London Borough of Lambeth, according to new research by the British Association of Anger Management (BAAM - ).

The inner London borough of Lambeth scored highest out of the 32 London regions analysed in the first phase of  a nationwide study.

Lambeth is a hotbed of the various trigger environmental factors that leave UK residents fuming. It has the second highest population density in London and the nineteenth most deprived in the UK, with only 67% of its 272,000 residents in towns including Brixton, Clapham and Vauxhall in employment.

Lambeth residents report they are dissatisfied with high levels of crime, anti-social behaviour and drug use in the area, alongside their day to day stresses such as   being under financial strain or rushed for time- all triggers of anger.

The new report, “Hot Tempered in the City”, is based on government and British Association of Anger Management statistics, finds Enfield is the second angriest London borough and Barnet is in third place.

Also in the Top 10 angry London boroughs are Westminster, Lewisham and Hammersmith and Fulham.

Early findings from the nationwide project suggest that London is the angriest city in the UK, followed by Manchester.  Birmingham is in third place, followed by Glasgow and then Bristol.

Mike Fisher, director of the British Association of Anger Management said BAAM data showed that residents in the Capital were frightened by their inability to handle feelings of stress and rage.

“I believe that issues such as crime, violence, domestic violence, road rage, addiction, eating disorders, depression and many other mental health issues all stem from our inability as a culture to handle or express our feelings, especially those of anger.”

Indeed, the fallout of the anger problem is so well recognised that governments in countries including Australia, Canada and the USA fund anger management programmes, he said.

“We want to move anger up the political agenda. It is the elephant in the room at the moment, costing the NHS billions in tackling its side effects. Violent incidents alone cost the NHS £2.7bn a year.”

And the Association (  is launching 'Beating Anger Clinics' in London and the south east and across the UK in areas including Derby, Guildford, Oxford, Birmingham and Hull, to help stressed-out citizens cool down.

Fisher said: "From the amount of calls, emails and website visits we receive, BAAM recognises that anger is not only on the increase but could be reaching pandemic levels. Our courses are designed for anyone who is experiencing anger and stress related problems, either at home or work, and is ready to tackle their issues within a specialist environment."

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Notes for editors
About “Hot Tempered in the City
The survey (attached on page 4) comprises statistics from:
Dept Communities and Local Government
Metropolitan Police Service, 2009 figures
GLA- Focus on London, 2009
British Association of Anger Management, 2010
DWP Information Directorate: Work and Pensions Longditudinal Study and 5% Sample
Office for National Statistics, 2009

Case studies
BAAM can supply details of candidates who have experienced anger issues and are willing to be used in case studies.

About the British Association of Anger Management
The British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) was established in 1999 and is based in West Sussex. BAAM is recognised by the NHS, BUPA, the court authorities and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Its services are available to anyone who is dealing with their own or another person's anger. The organisation has worked with over 13,000 people across the board, from the unemployed to the high profile, including many international celebrities.

About Mike Fisher
BAAM’s Mike Fisher is a renowned anger ‘guru’ and author of the best seller, ‘Beating Anger’, with 30,000 copies sold since its launch in 2005.

Fisher was the specialist on BBC’s ‘Can’t Stop Losing My Cool’ programme about angry people, Channel 4’s ‘The Angriest man in Britain’ as well as Channel 5’s ‘Angry with My Father’. He has been a regular guest on radio and TV slots discussing anger and stress management- tackling the Gordon Brown story this week.

Mike Fisher has also produced a "keep cool" list of anger management tips and exercises.

As well as general calming strategies, which can be as simple as a walk outside or a bath, the most important thing he emphasises is to look at the bigger picture. What outcome do you want? What is appropriate? It is vital, therefore, to give yourself time and space to consider the consequences of any action.

For further information, please contact:
Mike Fisher, British Association of Anger Management
Tel: 0845 1300 286 / 07931 569051

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