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New Visual Dataflex provides user control of data grid displays

The latest Visual DataFlex Release majors on new tabular data entry (grids) and data list controls that put the application end-user in control.

September 08, 2010, Press Dispensary. Asckey Data Services Ltd ( ), UK channel partner for Data Access Europe, announces the release of Visual DataFlex 2010/v16, the latest version of the long established Windows and Web Application development tool.

This latest edition of Visual DataFlex (VDF) has had a major overhaul in the area of grids – similar to spreadsheets – which are at the core of displaying and entering data.  In VDF 2010/v16, data entry and data listing features have had a substantial makeover.

Based on the ‘Codejock Extreme’ report control that is now delivered as part of the Visual DataFlex application development system, the new grids will allow application users to customize what data is displayed in lists and data entry grids, giving them the ability to resize, reorder and remove columns, group the displayed data by (multiple) column(s), and change the appearance via skinning – all with full data entry facilities into the grid cells for any target database. Application developers will also find many new options for including buttons, check boxes and more, and for better control of both background and text colours.

As well as data entry grids, the Codejock control is the basis of new look-up lists with the same new features.

Chris Hibbert, Asckey Data Service’s Marketing Manager says:
“These new components really cover all the bases. If you are not into advanced programming you get these features straight from the Development Studio, using application data from any database and with no extra coding. If you are deep into coding for specific needs, you can really take control of the grids and make them do what you want for just about any data source, from a CSV file to a serial port!”

He continues:
“Looking at how these developments are improving our commercial applications, they are way ahead of what we could achieve with the previous version. Indeed, their range - but with such simplicity - put them ahead of any other development toolbox as well!”

The new VDF grid extends the Codejock report control by making it fully “data aware”. All Visual DataFlex applications feature strong data entry control and validation through application business rules held in a data dictionary, and can connect to any SQL or ODBC mediated data source. Extending this data awareness to the Codejock report control means that, for standard application needs, no coding is necessary to create fully validated, attractively formatted data entry grids that abide by these business rules for any database. For special purposes, advanced programmers will find far better customisation opportunities than were available with the grid control in previous Visual DataFlex versions.

Performance is also improved, with grid loading being quicker, and there is far more developer control over how much data to load and how much to hold in memory. This allows for fine tuning of performance to match the purpose of the particular grid/data list.

Martin Pincott, Asckey’s Technical Director, says:
“We all have a ‘love-hate’ relationship with the current grid and list classes: the new grids are a quantum leap forward in both style and use – and the more you get into them, the more flexible they become!”  

Chris Hibbert concludes:
“Having concentrated on refining the last version of Visual DataFlex into a first class Web Application development tool, the data access development team has now considerably advanced the Windows application development capabilities and created something that is really going to make a difference to how VDF built applications look and perform,”

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Notes for editors
Asckey Data Services Ltd is a channel partner for Data Access Europe - the European subsidiary of the authors of Visual DataFlex, Data Access Worldwide.

Asckey has been involved with Visual DataFlex development since 1994 and has been a prime channel partner for Data Access Worldwide since 2001, running the successful UK VDF special interest group and working with Data Access Europe on other UK events.

Asckey's application development effort is based on Visual DataFlex – including web database applications used by the Department of Health, while its prime Windows/web facilities management system, Eclipse-fm®, is used by many UK NHS Trusts, with several implementations hosted at Asckey’s server facilities via the NHS’s private “Connecting for Health” intranet and Windows Terminal Services.

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Bernard Hill, Commercial Director
Tel: 0845 270 7747

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