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June 23, 2011, Farringdon, London. Press Dispensary. No longer must too much beer lead to a sore head in the morning. Top London salon Bar Hair is pleased to unveil the latest – and almost certainly tastiest – hair treatment for the discerning lady or gentleman friend about town: real ale.

Why beer? Surely that special gentleman spends too much time in its company already. But fear not - Bar Hair’s treatment will not lead inexorably to the eating of kebabs, ill-advised intoxicated texting or midnight rows in taxi queues.

Instead, there are three main ways this ancient tipple promotes healthy, beautiful-looking hair:

1. It is rich in biotin, a b-vitamin compound that can reduce the chance of hair loss and combat skin disorders like dermatitis

2. The carbon dioxide strengthens the hair and, because beer has a low pH level, tightly closes the cuticle of the hair, giving it a rich, glossy appearance

3. Naturally-occurring astringents in the hops gently tighten the scalp, helping to prevent an oily scalp.

Neither does the treatment leave a lady or gentleman smelling as if they have slept on the barmaid’s apron. Once completed, it is entirely scentless. All you are left with is hair that looks and feels great – no beer goggles required.

For a limited period, thirsty/hairy journalists can experience this revolutionary treatment themselves – entirely for free. Contact Brent on the number below to book your own baptism in beer at Farringdon’s Bar Hairdressing.

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For further information, please contact:
Brent Mossop, Proprietor and Senior Stylist
Bar Hair
Tel: 07876 621 654 / 020 7253 9999

Media contacts

Brent Mossop, Proprietor and Senior Stylist
Tel: 07876 621 654 / 020 7253 9999

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