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Young Drivers Car Insurance Costs - Apps Are Not Helping

News from the USA that smartphone apps are the cause of an increase in road accidents involving young drivers is sparking debate on this side of the Atlantic...

July 15, 2011, Ipswich, Suffolk. Press Dispensary. Driver distraction is one of the main causes of road accidents and young drivers are finding that the use of new technology on the move can have dangerous consequences.

New research from the USA has found that young drivers are increasingly being distracted by the use of mobile phone apps whilst driving. The University of Alabama reports that 10% of the 93 students surveyed claimed to regularly use smartphone apps when driving. Another 33% reported occasional app use whilst behind the wheel.

Astonishingly more than 10% of those surveyed had been involved in a car crash while using an app during the last 5 years.

The research highlighted that whilst young drivers realised the inherent dangers involved, they continued to use their smartphone apps.  And these apps are generally found to be more distracting than texting or chatting on phones.

It is quite likely that young drivers in the UK could well be faced with the same increased level of distractions, and if the accident rates reported from the Alabama research are replicated over here then it is perhaps no wonder that cheap car insurance for young drivers is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

With car insurance for young drivers generally costing over 50% more this year than last, Britain’s newer motorists need to try and keep crashes and claims off their driving records in order to build up no claims bonuses that will make driving more affordable in future years.

A spokesperson for leading car insurance comparison site Tiger.co.uk commented: “With technology comes the risk of increased distractions for drivers. It’s vital that all drivers, no matter what age, do all they can to keep concentration levels as high as possible. We welcome news of the development of technology applications like Textecution and Cellcontrol.com in the US that disables some smartphone functionality in moving vehicles. And on the plus side side of technological developments is the growth in things like telematics-based car insurance that can be particularly attractive to younger drivers. Tiger.co.uk features three telematics insurers in its quest to make car insurance for young drivers more affordable.”

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