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Time2Touch Tablet PC Packs Powerful Punch Above Its Price Tag


July 26, 2011, Blackburn, UK. Press Dispensary. For those seeking a high-quality tablet PC that costs half as much as a Samsung Galaxy Tab or an iPad but packs a similar punch, The Time2 Company is launching the Time2Touch HC701A Tablet PC: a feisty new contender in the marketplace and its first branded product in the UK.

Lightweight and compact with a 7” TFT Capacitive Touch screen (16:9), installed with the popular Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system and featuring an ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core 1GHz processor, built-in camera and full HD HDMI output capability, the Time2Touch HC701A provides all the power and functionality of more established rivals for just £179 including VAT.

a high-quality, fully-featured tablet PC that provides superb power and functionality while costing half the price of its rivals
Latif Kothia

Punching well above its weight, this winner provides connectivity to the internet, email, blogs, YouTube and social networks, as well as helping in business and education, using the vast range of apps available in the Android marketplace. It is a great tool for entertainment, featuring a range of leisure-based apps such as games, movies and music, plus an eBook reader that makes it double as a Kindle contender. Its battery life is up to an impressive 6.5h movie playback, 7 days standby.

Ideal for cash-conscious students, business people and leisure users alike, the Time2Touch HC701A also has a 360 degree G-Sensor for an enhanced gaming experience, automatic screen rotation into portrait or landscape mode, an on-screen keyboard, WiFi access and support for 3G, meaning a dongle can be used to connect to the internet if a WiFi hotspot isn’t available in a particular location. The Time2Touch HC701A also has an SD card slot so its 4GB onboard memory can be expanded by up to 32GB, as well as a built-in microphone and speaker. It also has the USB port that iPad users yearn for, giving external connectivity and the option of adding a keyboard and mouse if desired.

Although the Apple iPad has proved popular since its launch, it lacks many features that are standard on the HC701A. The Time2Touch HC701A has a 1.3MP front-facing camera built in, enabling pictures and videos to be taken and emailed or uploaded any time to Facebook and Twitter. Unlike the iPad, the HC701A also plays Flash website content and has a memory card slot for expanding its storage capabilities. Another feature lacking on the iPad is full HD HDMI output. The Time2Touch HC701A can be connected to an HD television for watching full HD 1080P films, music videos, TV shows and family videos. Meanwhile, the HC701A has a faster and better processor than the Samsung Galaxy Tab, while costing half the RRP.

Latif Kothia, Director at The Time2 Company, says: “The tablet PC market is currently divided between high-cost devices such as the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, which aren’t within everybody’s price range, and an increasing number of low-cost, unbranded Chinese imports of dubious quality and possibly equally dubious lifespan. The Time2Touch HC701A, however, is a high-quality, fully-featured tablet PC that provides superb power and functionality while costing half the price of its rivals, at a time when people are watching their wallets and wisely counting those pennies and pounds.”

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The Time2 Company is a new UK venture focused on delivering consumer electronics products in the areas of mobility, connectivity and productivity.

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Yasir Sufi, Head of marketing
Tel: 01254 272688
Twitter: @time2uk

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