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Car insurance for young drivers; 5 of the best used cars


September 14, 2011, Press Dispensary. Following the recent story on some of the new cars in low insurance groups that can help to secure cheap car insurance for young drivers, popular car insurance comparison site Tiger.co.uk has also taken a look at some used models that can do the same.

The car you buy clearly depends on your available budget but whether it is a new or used vehicle, when the power output rises and the engine size increases so too do the insurance groups, and thus, the cost of your car insurance. 17-21 year old drivers could spend nearly £3,000 more to insure a Peugeot  206 GTi than a standard 1.1 litre 206*.

There are lots of used cars around that are considered to be a good option for younger drivers that sit within lower insurance groups and cars that are classed as ‘Superminis’ are likely to offer the best savings. The table below shows five popular models that younger drivers should be able to purchase, run and insure more cheaply than most other models.

Make and ModelEngine SizeInsurance GroupYear
Vauxhall Corsa GLS1.2 litre22000-2006
Ford Fiesta Studio1.25 litre22002-2007
Volkswagen Polo1.2 litre42004-2005
Peugeot 106 Zest1.1 litre31996-2003
Renault Clio Campus1.2 litre12207-2008

All the cars featured should be a safe bet for savings but there are a few things that are worth looking out for.

Vauxhall Corsas are affordable and plentiful and you shouldn’t struggle to find one worth buying but do watch out for ex-hire models which will have high mileage and are likely to have been around the block a few times.

The Peugeot 106 is a great budget choice as you can get hold of a very reasonable car for around £1,000.
The Renault Clio is another affordable choice for young drivers but avoid the versions with alloy wheels and other modifications as this will affect the car insurance rating.

The Ford Fiesta took over from the Vauxhall Corsa as the UK’s favourite Supermini in 2010 and there are many different styles. The Studio model is the one that falls into a low insurance group.

The Volkswagen Polo 1.2 is a solid car, with all the appeal of VW but without the price tag of its slightly bigger sibling, the Golf. They are in slightly higher groups ranging from 3-10, so make sure you check the model details.

A spokesperson for Tiger.co.uk commented, “When you are looking around bear in mind that most cars below insurance group 5 should be a good budget choice and will help to secure a relatively cheap car insurance deal. Always make sure you compare car insurance from a range of insurance providers by using a site like Tiger.co.uk to maximise your savings”.

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Notes for editors
*Prices quoted on Tiger.co.uk for 1999 Peugeot 206 GTi versus Peugeot 1.1 litre

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