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October 31, 2011, Press Dispensary. Driving courses could be a good way of reducing the cost of your car insurance. There are a number of different types of driving course available to the public and each one could help to reduce the cost of car insurance quotes.

For new drivers the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) offers what’s known as a Pass Plus scheme. Many new drivers have little or no experience driving in different weather conditions, on motorways or at night. The Pass Plus course offers them experience in these areas and more. The Pass Plus course can lower a driver’s car insurance premiums in two ways.  Firstly, many insurance companies offer a discount to drivers who have completed a pass plus. Secondly, drivers who have completed the Pass Plus will hopefully be better drivers, less likely to crash and therefore better placed to build up their no claims bonus.

For more experienced drivers there are a few other courses available. Both the Institute of Advance Motorists (IAM) and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents offer a range of courses for experienced drivers. These courses are designed to teach driver skills that are hard to pick up through experience alone primarily focusing on safety and defensive driving. Many car insurance companies offer discounts to people who’ve passed these tests. Much like the Pass Plus, people who pass an advanced driving test are theoretically better drivers and as such, less likely to crash and able to build up a solid no claims bonus.

A speed awareness course is sometimes offered by local authorities in lieu of a speeding conviction. Drivers themselves will have to foot the bill and it can often be more expensive than a speeding conviction. Attending a speed awareness course will mean that a driver will not get a speeding conviction and therefore will not have to declare anything to their car insurance company. Furthermore, if the speed awareness course has done its job properly the driver who attended will be more aware of the risks involved in speeding and thus less likely to speed and have an accident.

A spokesperson for Tiger.co.uk said “Many drivers are unaware of the various courses that are available to them and some offer the opportunity to make great savings on their car insurance quotes. We welcome any attempt by drivers to improve their driving; anything that makes the roads safer can only be a good thing.”

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