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December 02, 2011, Press Dispensary. Shocking news published last week suggested that there could be around 20,000 uninsured motorists driving in the UK due to unwittingly purchasing fraudulent car insurance.

This fake car insurance is being sold by so called ‘ghost brokers’, con men looking to take advantage of the many shoppers looking to get a cheap car insurance deal and the scam is said to be worth millions of pounds.

It is seemingly young drivers, whose premiums have been soaring over the last two years, and minority communities where English is not the primary language that are being targeted. The ‘ghost brokers’ are operating via websites and classified advertisements offering cheap car insurance to try and lure these innocent drivers into parting with their money either for totally fictitious policies or for policies from bona fide insurers that have been purchased using falsified driver details.

The City of London’s new police insurance fraud unit is pledging to tackle the problem head on as ‘ghost broking’ appears to be a growing issue within the area of insurance fraud as premiums continue to soar and shoppers are seeking out more affordable deals. The new police unit of 35 specialist insurance fraud detectives and police support staff was set up in July this year specifically to crack down on the issue of increased insurance fraud which is costing the industry and consumers millions of pounds each year.

A spokesperson from popular car insurance comparison site Tiger.co.uk commented, “The exposure of this fraudulent activity comes at a time when we are already seeing an increase in other car insurance fraud such as crash for cash. To avoid doubt, consumers should compare car insurance with established comparison sites that work with trusted insurers and brokers or buy direct from known insurers. It is always prudent to make sure you check your policy details carefully and never part with cash on the street for car insurance. If you are ever in any doubt make sure you check with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) or refer to the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA).”

You can find the FSA online at http://www.fsa.gov.uk/ and BIBA at http://www.biba.org.uk/

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