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Union Jack Ventilation Grilles Fly the Cast Iron Flag In Celebration of the Jubilee


March 27, 2012, Press Dispensary. Small but significant, a ventilation grille can be vital to the finish of a building project but is often an area where builders put price over practicality and appearance, choosing a cheap plastic product that spoils the appearance of the whole job. Flying the flag for taste and decency where grilles are concerned – and in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee - the Cast Iron Airbrick Company is launching a cast iron Union Jack ventilation grille that combines a century of performance with style and durability.

Aimed at interior designers and householders who would prefer a smart ventilation option in their period property or contemporary home, the Union Jack ventilation grille can be newly or retro-fitted in rooms, cupboards, voids and in floors of properties. Complementing any room, the grilles are made in the UK, to a bespoke Jubilee design.

considerably more durable and attractive, it ... adds value to any refurbishment and to the property itself
Adrian Budd

Adrian Budd of the Cast Iron Air Brick Company says: "Plastic is cheap and, in these economically-challenged times, plastic ventilation grilles are a popular choice in budget building projects. However, aside from the durability issues associated with cheap plastic products, installing plastic vent grilles can prove a false economy in an installation where the finish is important to the customer.

"Let's face it: with interior design, attention to detail is all-important and, to achieve a good result, new features should blend with the existing building and its decor. A plastic grille is hardly suitable for a period property."

He adds: "Time and time again, we hear our customers say, 'The builders have left and we don't like the ventilation grille they’ve fitted'. Often, customers have paid thousands of pounds to have new kitchens, bathrooms, log burners or extensions installed, yet the builders seem content to spoil the job by screwing a couple of £5 plastic vent grilles on to the wall.

"What customers want is attention to detail but the contractors' priority is often to finish the job with whatever product is easiest to get hold of, rather than whatever is most suitable. Yet, in truth, many of our products are available with next day delivery so will be on site almost as quickly as the plastic product from the local merchants. There’s now no excuse for not making a job look well-finished and top-notch."

The cost of installing a Union Jack cast iron grille is the same as installing a plastic vent but there is no contest about its resilience, with a likely lifespan of more than 100 years. Says Adrian: "In the end, cast iron is the most economical choice: as well as being considerably more durable and attractive, it also adds value to any refurbishment and to the property itself. And in the year of the Diamond Jubilee, staying power is very much on the nation’s agenda."

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Notes for editors
Based in Brayford, Devon, the Cast Iron Air Brick Company supplies cast airbricks, ventilation grilles and gratings to individuals and trade customers. Its products are used in new builds, as well as in existing properties to replace defective cast iron ware. Orders range from one unit to large quantities, many available with next day delivery – remarkable for cast iron products that have traditionally taken weeks to have delivered.

The company provides cast iron grilles and air bricks for dozens of restoration projects including: Buckingham Palace, All Souls College at Oxford University, Durham University Law Building, Middlesex University, Bristol Industrial Museum, Kidderminster Mill, Royal College of Surgeons, Cambridge University Library and hundreds of others. It also supplies grilles for modern developments including more than 100 homes and the Athletes Olympic Village in London.

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Adrian Budd, owner
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