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No welching on wagers with the Bet Keeper iPhone App


July 02, 2012, London, UK. Press Dispensary. London-based company, Mind the App, is releasing its Bet Keeper iPhone app that ensures people don't welch on their personal bets with friends.

The only app of its kind, Bet Keeper enables iPhone users to send each other personal bets, which they can then accept or reject. The bet is created by one person, who states the bet title, details, stake and completion date. It is then sent to a friend, or friends, who can accept or reject it.

Bets can be for anything, over any duration, and the stakes can be whatever the friends choose. On different continents, they might set a serious wager on, say, the outcome of an international sports tournament. Equally, they might be sitting on the same room and simply wanting to keep a mutually-agreed record of having bet, say, a drink, a favour or even a dare, on something personal. The point is that it's recorded and future disagreements are averted.

Once a bet is accepted and goes live, the participants can use a comments board to banter about the bet, and then the bet creator eventually notifies who’s won. When bets are started, or comments added, the other user(s) receive a push notification.

As the stake is included in the bet from the start, neither party can shirk at a later date and say it wasn't for that amount, or was a different bet.

Bet Keeper is the third from its creator, Matt Jenkins, after Basketball Hotshots and a Lite version of the same app that is free to download.

Matt Jenkins says: "I had the idea for the Bet Keeper app after I made a bet for £50 on the Fantasy Football League with my friend. When the season came to an end and I had won, he said the bet was only for £20 - and I had no way of proving he was wrong! Thanks to Bet Keeper, iPhone users and their friends will be honour-bound to pay up on their wagers."

Bet Keeper is free to download for a limited time, after which it will be priced at 69p.

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Notes for editors
Mind the App is a venture launched by Matt Jenkins, a London-based sales manager for an investment company who runs it in his spare time. Bet Keeper is the third app developed by Matt.

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