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A local craftsman's reaction to high street furniture price rigging


September 04, 2013, Nottingham, UK. Press Dispensary. There's nothing quite like a scandal involving retailers ripping off consumers to make eye-catching news. This type of story has been circulating the media alarmingly often in recent years. Last year, news about Tesco's inflated wine prices, followed quickly by half-price offers, led the vanguard against phoney price reductions. In November 2012, supermarkets agreed to end 'yo-yo pricing' by arranging to adopt a set of principles drawn up by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). Despite the string of scandals, investigations and so-called promises to reform, retailers have once more made it into the disgruntled consumer limelight for deliberate price deceptions.

This time round, furniture retailers have been found guilty and publicly shamed. The OFT has ordered six unnamed high street furniture and carpet retailers to end what has been referred to as an 'endemic' practice of using fake prices in order to market 'too good to be true' price reductions. Besides alerting consumers to potential price fiddles within the furniture industry, the story highlights the security and protection consumers can be confident in receiving when buying furniture from a local craftsman.  

Handcrafted furniture manufacturers, Eat Sleep Live, is one such local craftsman whereby customers can have peace of mind that what they pay for a product is conducive with its quality and that they will never be subjected to price rigging.

The Nottingham-based furniture producer makes products solely out of reclaimed wood. By taking a piece of dirty, 200 year-old wood and transforming it into a beautiful solid piece of furniture, unlike many of the big name furniture chains, consumers can be confident of longevity, quality and a thoroughly unique design. By paying meticulous attention to every last detail, Eat Sleep Live's rustic, handcrafted furniture offers value for money and consumer confidence. In fact so satisfied have customers been with Eat Sleep Live's products, they regularly say they would have been willing to pay more.

In contrast to the supermarkets' and high street furniture chains' erratic pricing, whereby consumers are effectively duped into believing that they're getting a bargain, the reclaimed wood manufacturer refrains from having sales. Referring to the company's furniture as being an "affordable luxury with natural character", Mark Godsell-Fletcher, Managing Director of Eat Sleep Live, reiterates the price security of Eat Sleep Live's products.  

"We've got our prices on our website and they are fixed prices that people will pay," says Mr Godsell-Fletcher.

As well as having confidence that prices are by no means inflated, customers can visit Eat Sleep Live's workshop in Nottingham and see the craftsmen at work, hand making the unique furniture. In having the opportunity to witness the furniture being tenderly created by a local crafter, consumers can see the quality of the materials used and the furniture in the flesh before purchasing – A privilege that is depressingly void from the big name retailers' which prefer - by all accounts - to 'systematically' lure consumers through their doors with exaggerated sale and price cuts.

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Notes for editors
Eat Sleep Live prides itself on producing natural, environmentally-friendly and rustic furniture made from 100% British reclaimed wood.

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Mark Godsell-Fletcher, managing director
Eat Sleep Live
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Mark Godsell-Fletcher, managing director
Tel: 0115 9700 060

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