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Simplified web application development with Visual DataFlex (VDF) v17.1


September 17, 2013, Press Dispensary. The rapidly increasing demand for mobile web applications has created limitless opportunities for developers to capitalise on this growing trend.  In light of these change, a new Web Framework module within Visual DataFlex 2012/17.1 has been developed by Data Access Worldwide Ltd to provide developers with simplified, streamlined web application development tools.

The newly launched Visual DataFlex 2012/17.1 revolutionizes web application development with the introduction of the DataFlex Web Framework. This new framework enables web application build to be carried out on one single DataFlex development platform with the user interface modelled with familiar Visual DataFlex objects.

Visual DataFlex 2012/17.1 provides powerful and dynamic web application development functionality.  This new design aims to provide developers with no previous web experience, with the necessary tools to be able to maintain a competitive edge.  

A number of additional features and important enhancements will further improve developer productivity, application quality and performance, including:
 DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits v6.0
 Soap 1.2 support
 Update from CodeJock 13.4.2 to CodeJock 15.3.1
 Grid Modes API
 JSON support
 Language changes for Base64 encoding and decoding

Bernard Hill, Commercial Director at Asckey Data Services Ltd, a Data Access UK Channel Partner commented: "The arrival of v17.1 provides developers with the perfect tools for creating effective, high quality web applications for themselves and their clients. The latest Connectivity Kit v6 also delivers a number of powerful enhancements including:  improved restructuring logic, intuitive, configurable mapping from DataFlex to SQL and support for all MS SQL Server 2008/2012 and IBM DB2 10.1 types."

He continued: "These enhancements will empower developers, giving them the ability to offer clients alternative operating platforms at a competitive rate; something that is essential in today’s marketplace."

The Data Access product range continues to evolve as a result of a proactive, innovative product development programme supported by a close working relationship with the developer community.  Their specialist market expertise and in-house development capability has enabled them to fully meet the needs of today’s developer community and in turn, the wider technological marketplace.

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For further information, please contact:
Bernard Hill, Commercial Director
Asckey Data Services Ltd (official Data Access UK Channel Partners)
Tel: 0845 270 7747

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Bernard Hill, Commercial Director
Tel: 0845 270 7747

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