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February 04, 2015, London, UK. Press Dispensary. Cyber crime is a 21st century name for some very old fashioned crimes. It's fraud, theft and vandalism, but conducted over the internet or through online personal relationships. In the wake of recent major international cyber crimes, such as last month's attack on Sony Pictures, Christie Moore of Private Investigators UK is now warning that cyber crime is not just the province of big business: individuals and small businesses need to be more vigilant than ever if they are to avoid falling victim to it.

Ms Moore says: "Cyber crime can affect us all. And it isn't just suffered by the big businesses that have been in the news, such as Sony or the American banks JP Morgan and Chase. Criminals are using the internet every day to target small businesses and individuals, whether they're sending out fake emails to encourage us to reveal our bank account details or using dating websites to persuade a would-be lover to settle their debts or pay their fares for a visit."

A recent Guardian report* shows how few precautions we all take to protect ourselves online, whether at work or at home. The giant cyber security software manufacturer, McAfee, is quoted as saying that almost 90% of small- and medium-sized business in the US  do not use data protection for company and customer information, and less than half those businesses have secured their company email to prevent phishing scams. Meanwhile in the UK, a study conducted for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, by accountants PwC, revealed that while the number of security breaches may have decreased, the scale of breaches and the cost incurred by the victims has nearly doubled.

Private Investigators UK has responded by gathering a highly qualified team of IT specialist private investigators. Ms Moore continues: "Our private detectives have been able to make a significant impact in reducing online scams and cyber crime, following requests for help from hundreds of clients, whether they are victims or want to take precautions.

"Our skilled experts will usually start with a consultation to gain a better insight into our client's problem and to educate them about the dangers while surfing online. Clients are often amazed at how exposed they really are. Then, as well as looking into crimes, we'll see what needs to be done for prevention, with security measures including anti-virus software and firewalls, which we can install to keep clients safe against viruses, Trojans, malware and spam."

Ms Moore adds: "But the problem isn't just email and software crime. People need to be very careful about who they trust online. Meeting people on the web has advantages but there many who abuse that for their own financial gain. They are good at earning the trust of others and then, with a toolkit of basic IT skills, they are often able to exploit their victims and trick them into sending them money. The route to preventing such crime is better vigilance and a raising of public awareness."

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