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New CAFM and SFG20 integrated software launched


July 11, 2017, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UK. Press Dispensary. The latest version of fmfirst estates and facilities v2017.1 has many system improvements including a new integration between the estates module and SFG20. System efficiency has been further enhanced by new system functionality, designed to meet the needs of CAFM user's current working practices.

SFG20 has been integrated with Asckey's leading CAFM system fmfirst® estates and facilities, giving organisations increased control over maintenance schedules and costs. The combined solution is available as an option within the standard fmfirst® estates module. The standard fmfirst PPM (planned preventative maintenance) module will be pre-populated with both the SFG20 core and HTM schedules.  The schedules will be automatically updated each time a relevant SFG20 update is available. Additional new features in this latest release include the ability to assign multiple trades and/or operatives to a single job (where more than one tradesman is involved in a task). Task tickets can now also display multiple work elements and users can sign-off separate job elements. The addition of a new task element sign-off on MTM tasks, allows staff to quickly identify which parts of a job have and have not been completed. Planned Preventative Maintenance Tasks (PPM's) can now be scheduled to run on a server overnight, saving valuable time and desk-top resources.  In addition, tasks can now be allocated with greater accuracy based on specified dates and staff availability by the addition of new task planner 'drag and drop' functionality.

The efficiency and life span of assets can be increased significantly when they are maintained at the appropriate level. Efficient maintenance prolongs the life and efficiency of assets, resulting in energy savings which directly benefits the bottom line of businesses. The SFG20 standard, developed by BESA (the Building Engineering Services Association), is regularly updated with input from an experienced technical committee who review legal and best practice guidelines to ensure that users are always kept informed of the latest legislative requirements and industry best practice.  All critical updates will be applied to the fmfirst® system immediately to ensure that schedules are always current. The SFG20 standard provides a methodology for buildings maintenance, assisting FM managers to set realistic lifecycle maintenance processes and budgets that could see organisations saving up to 25% on their annual maintenance costs.  In addition, organisations also benefit from knowing that they would always be compliant to the latest statutory guidelines and industry standard maintenance requirements.

Bernard Hill, Commercial Director for Asckey, stated:: "This latest fmfirst® release focuses on increased efficiency and system compliance.  The integration with SFG20's core and standard schedules will enable fmfirst® users to manage their PPM activities, safe in the knowledge that they are following the latest statutory and industry standards".

He added: "Organisations can make significant savings on annual maintenance budgets through the implementation of correct maintenance schedules/frequencies, optimum allocation of staff resources, and increases in asset life spans. Improvements to Task Management functionality will enable managers to more accurately monitor task performance and efficiency".

By accurately monitoring tasks and closely monitoring and maintaining asset inventories, organisations can ensure maximum efficiency from both staff and equipment. This means increased efficiency with more accurate resource allocation, reduced repair costs and improved legislative compliance.

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