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York pioneers ‘digital doctors’ practice

UK’s first digital GP practice opens in Clifton Moor, York, offering same-day doctor’s appointments and walk-in access for a range of medical treatments

October 21, 2018, York, UK. Press Dispensary. Concern about GP appointment waiting times is the inspiration for a new medical practice that has just opened its doors in Clifton Moor, offering same-day GP appointments now, and walk-in access from November, to the residents of York and those from Leeds, Harrogate, Humberside and elsewhere who work in the city. Doc-OneStop is the UK’s first CQC registered digital medical practice of its type and is paving the way with its answer to the problems of traditional practices.

Convenience, ease of access and affordability are the priorities for Doc-OneStop, with walk-in services and evening appointments available until 8pm, seven days a week. To celebrate its opening, Doc-OneStop is offering GP consultations free of charge for the remainder of October. To qualify, patients simply need to like and share the practice’s Facebook page, @DocOneStop.

What sets Doc-OneStop apart – and enables it to offer same-day and walk-in GP access – is that consultations with the GP take place digitally, via an online video link, with a trained clinical assistant in the room using specially developed technology and software to provide the consulting doctor with the same level of hands-on information as would be available at a traditional face-to-face appointment. The doctor can look inside a patient’s ears, nose and throat, listen to their heartbeat or lung sounds, check their blood pressure and considerably more. As well as allowing the GP to help many more patients, the service provides better-informed diagnosis, with more appropriate and effective treatments to be prescribed, than can be the case with online-only or phone consultations.

Doc-OneStop, which will be rolled out from December in pharmacists regionally and then nationwide, is the brainchild of pharmacist Nick Goldstein and GP Dr Alex Man, who will initially be the consulting GP. Nick Goldstein said:
Gone is the need to wait an average 14 days to see an NHS GP. And gone is the routine of consulting a GP privately via an app, followed by the search for a pharmacy that will accept the GP’s prescription.

The whole process should take less than 30 minutes from walking in to getting treatment, then all prescriptions are dispensed on the premises, often at a cost significantly lower than the NHS prescription charge! Doc-OneStop affords patients the time-saving convenience of truly One-Stop healthcare.

Doc-OneStop offers four main service areas:

DocNow! enables patients to book a same day doctor’s appointment.

From the start of November, Test n’ Treat! will provide walk-in access to appropriate treatments for a range of common medical conditions. A quick test to determine exactly what is happening allows Doc-OneStop staff, under the supervision of a qualified professional, to provide evidence-based prompt, safe and effective treatments targeted to the condition.

From 19 November, the Travel Safe service will provide vaccination and anti-malarial protection for travel to anywhere in the world.

From December, Protect n’ Prevent will be an appointment-only service offering a comprehensive range of travel health and general vaccination requirements. Whether off to university or a requirement of work, Protect n’ Prevent will help keep patients safe.

To accommodate the needs of working people, walk-in opening times are 12:00 - 20:00, 7 days a week from the clinic in Clifton Moor, or 18:00 – 20:00 for appointment services. These hours will quickly extend once consultations are offered from within NHS pharmacies.

Doc-OneStop offers its appointment and walk-in services at Office 2, DSP House, Unit 1, 2 Kettlestring Drive, Clifton Moor, York, YO30 4XF, just opposite Gear4Music and behind DSP Architects. There is free parking for patients. There will also be free parking close to most of the currently planned pharmacy locations.

For more information or to book a first appointment, patients should head to or call 0330 838 9880.

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Notes for editors

About Doc-OneStop
Doc-OneStop is a York-based start-up company founded by pharmacist Nick Goldstein and GP Dr Alex Man.  Nick Goldstein has over 30 years qualified as a pharmacist working at senior level in Boots until 5 years ago, since when he has worked first as superintendent pharmacist for a medical practice in Harrogate and more recently as a locum pharmacist whilst setting up Doc-OneStop. Alex Man is a GP, based in London, who has been working on an internet-based consulting model for several years. Medicine is his second degree, his first being Biochemistry. Alex also runs a company coaching students who want to get into medical and dental schools.

The company has 3 other clinical staff working for it: Nela Georgieva qualified in Bulgaria as a physician's assistant; Humaira Hamdani qualified as a pharmacist in Pakistan before coming to the UK; Alex Walker is an experienced dispenser with considerable operations experience in the former Co-Op Pharmacy group. All three have been or are being cross-trained, have had Life Support training and will assist Dr Alex during consultations.

The company plans to offer its services through NHS pharmacies, in York and elsewhere, from December onwards and is already in advanced stages of discussion with several. The ambition is to create a national service, with an NHS prescribing service planned for mid-2019.

Innovation to address GP shortages
There is a national shortage of GPs, which is the primary cause of ever-growing waiting times. A major advantage of a digital approach in this multi-site setting is that one doctor can cover several locations, switching from one to another without having to travel. This allows the doctor’s knowledge and skill to be spread across a wide area. It’s often more convenient for patients as well, who will choose their easiest location.

Unrestricted by NHS budgets, the technology used by Doc-OneStop has been specially designed to support this internet-based approach and has been sourced after scouring the world for the most appropriate answer to every challenge. With the assistance of trained clinical assistants, doctors can look inside a patient’s ears, nose and throat, hear their heartbeat or lung sounds, check blood pressure, record an ECG test for diabetes and cholesterol, and monitor a patient’s weight – to mention just a sample of the data that can be gathered and used in helping patients. None of this biometric data is available to a prescriber when patients consult via a smartphone and much of it is often unavailable in a traditional surgery setting.

All data captured is stored on servers encrypted to the same level as banks.

Although private, the company has priced its services to be affordable by most patients and will be running regular promotions to encourage and make it practical for patients to take care of themselves. During October, all DocNow! consultations are free to patients who have liked and shared the Facebook page.

For further information and interviews please contact
Nicholas Goldstein, director
Doc-OneStop Limited
Tel: 01904 393933 / 07972 884264

Facebook: @DocOneStop

Media contacts

Nicholas Goldstein, director
Tel: 01904 393933 / 07972 884264

Facebook: @DocOneStop

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