04/12/2018 Keep your Barbeque under wraps this Christmas with the HiberGrill Barbeque Cover
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Keep your Barbeque under wraps this Christmas with the HiberGrill Barbeque Cover


December 05, 2018, New Zealand. Press Dispensary. Christmas is coming, and the annual gift shopping challenge is on countdown mode. This year, a top Christmas gift is the HiberGrill Barbeque Cover ( http://www.hibergrill.co.nz ), a 'must-have' outdoor accessory costing under $130. This thoughtful gift is perfect for anyone who enjoys cooking on their prized possession: the barbeque. Durable and attractive, the HiberGrill Barbeque Cover gives all-weather protection all year round, as well as impressing friends and family this Christmas.

The perfect antidote to dull and predictable barbeque covers, the HiberGrill cover fits kettle and Weber barbecues and comes in three colour lines: Pistachio, Poolsider and Charcoal. The HiberGrill cover successfully combines maximum durability with an upmarket aesthetic and will last long after the turkey and trimmings have been cleared away and composted.  After all, why settle for buying boring socks and cheesy jumpers at Christmas when you can ensure that a loved one’s outdoor dining ensemble looks cool for Yule and beyond?

To ensure it meets the demands of annual usage, and really does last longer than the Christmas tree you planted hopefully in the garden, the HiberGrill Barbeque cover combines the best of craftsmanship and functionality. Milled in Europe at a factory specialising in quality, technical fabrics for over 100 years, the material is 100% acrylic and antimicrobial. The undercoating contains two highly effective antimicrobial agents to keep the cover fresh. Microbial growth can attack outdoor textiles and is a major cause of fabric discolouration and degradation. The HiberGrill fabric avoids the issue and can withstand multiple cleanings and extended exposure to outdoor conditions. It won’t leak, or mist, and it has excellent UV protection to prevent the colour fading. It is also waterproof.

Made to last for Christmas present and future, the HiberGrill cover costs from $129.99. HiberGrill is also offering a range of aprons for $64.99. The products are available from http://www.hibergrill.co.nz .

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Notes for editors
HiberGrill is a brand owned by Hey Good Ltd – a small New Zealand business set up to design and market stylish and durable outdoor goods.

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Rachel Winter, Director
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