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Nexor Excels at CWID 05


November 28, 2005, Press Dispensary. Nexor (, a provider of high-assurance messaging and directory services to the military, proved its superior capability in the arena of military message handling systems (MMHS) at CWID 05, which took place in June 2005. The feedback from the event, received in early November 2005, firmly puts Nexor ahead of the game on several fronts.

For the first time in the UK, Nexor Vanguard showcased STANAG 4406 Annex E low bandwidth communications in operation. This was an important milestone in proving the viability of the new protocol to NATO and demonstrating interoperability within the tactical arena, as well as its links to strategic systems. Features such as emissions control (EMCON), compression and multicasting were shown through the exchange of signed messages with attachments between UK, France and NATO in Norway. The new technology is available for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus and X.400 environments.

Following this success, Nexor has been invited to participate in a proof of concept exercise involving land and sea trials during late 2005, as well as a major naval exercise operating in the North Sea with land communication in early 2006.

Nexor demonstrated another ‘first’ by combining MMHS and instant messaging to show how ‘presence’ information can assist in making intelligent decisions for alerting and redirecting messages. Nexor Overseer monitors mailboxes and ensures messages are forwarded to a guaranteed point of action. An enhanced version of Overseer was demonstrated, incorporating Microsoft’s Live Communications Server technology, to show how messages can be pointed at people who are physically present and available. Ideal for use in both the tactical and strategic arenas, Overseer’s extended features improve military capability by making sure critical messages get through to the right person at the right time, whatever the mode of operation.

Also demonstrated once again was Nexor Centurion, Nexor’s mature secure messaging gateway (SMG) for ACP145 gateway to gateway protocol. Chosen to support the UK MoD’s core backbone, Centurion was able to gateway signed messages between Australia and other nations, while correctly handling the security mapping required between each of the domains. Nexor stood out from the crowd in its compliance to ACP145 and Centurion proved highly adaptable in handling fundamental standards.
Interoperability is high on the military agenda today and - in conjunction with other participating suppliers - Nexor was armed and ready to prove the suitability of ACP145 in achieving the required results. During the event, Nexor stood out for its ability to provide simple commercial-off-the shelf (COTS) technology with full compliance.

The CWID ’05 Fleet Assessors commented: “Nexor was flexible and responded with patience and detail to our questions about the technical and business benefits of its technologies. No area of detail was too small for the Nexor team not to provide a good answer, and all individuals impressed us with their attitude and professionalism. It was refreshing to find a team of people who clearly valued what they were doing for the sake of it, rather than just for the financial benefits accrued for the company”.

CWID 05 allowed Nexor to demonstrate its new technology alongside tried and tested COTS products with on-site technical support throughout the event. Together, these aspects showed Nexor’s deep understanding of MMHS and expertise in its core market.

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Notes for editors
About Nexor:
Nexor provides high tolerance messaging and directory services to governments, the military, financial services and corporate sectors. Founded in 1990, the company specialises in delivering formal messaging for critical environments where the value of communications are high and the need for secure, reliable and auditable handling is paramount.

About CWID:
The Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) is a US programme with participation by Australia, Canada, NATO (SHAPE), New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Additional participants in 2005 included South Korea and some of the 'Partners for Peace' nations. The role of CWID is to demonstrate and evaluate new, evolving and commercially available low risk technologies that improve joint, combined or coalition interoperability, or that enhance C4ISTAR capability and information provision through the use of networked Communication Information Systems (CIS).

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