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Fatboy Slim Saves His Cycle from Halfway Between the Gutter and the Skip

With Brighton’s Specialbike.co.uk

November 10, 2006, Press Dispensary. As wish lists for Christmas 06 start to hit Santa’s doormat, Brighton’s Specialbike (http://www.specialbike.co.uk) launches a service that provides perfect presents for bummed out BMX bandits, surf dudes wanting to pimp up their cruisers or Amelie wannabes who fancy adding a funky twist to a classic ladies’ cycle.

Experts in recycled, rejuvenated, one-of-a-kind personalised cycles, Specialbike doesn’t sell bikes, it builds them. Anyone can drag a discarded metal corpse from a skip or a dump, think of their ideal bike, and see the Specialbike team work its magic.

Local celebrity, Norman Cook, had consigned his favourite cycle to the tip when his wife, Zoe Ball, took it along to Specialbike’s workshop.

Paul Topham, owner of Specialbike, says: “Every job is an opportunity and a challenge; Norm thought his bike was beyond saving but we totally transformed it and he was over the moon. He truly loves his ‘specialbike’ which was just a heap of rust when I got it.”

He explains: “The Specialbike concept has grown from my belief that the bicycle is a superb leisure, sport and transport facility. Everyday I see good quality bikes fall on hard times and end up in landfill sites.”

But Specialbike gives green issues a fresh and funky look. Paul says: “Just doing them up isn’t enough. We wanted to offer our customers something different and special. Art meets engineering to create the perfect bike for an individual; our ‘specialbikes’ are beautiful, prized possessions.”

“The quality of our workmanship is changing people’s concept of ‘second hand’ – by re-making a bike as a niche, boutique item, it works against the high volume, low quality manufacturing culture that is so bad for the environment and so opposed to our values at Specialbike.”

Paul assures customers: “Our new venture offers the same levels of experience, expertise and customer service that made our repair business South Coast Bikes (http://www.southcoastbikes.co.uk) such a success.”

Customers can find out more about creating their own ‘specialbike’ by visiting www.specialbike.co.uk.

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Notes for editors
Paul Topham set up Specialbike.co.uk in 2006 after successfully running Brighton's only bike repair workshop, South Coast Bikes for three years. specialbike.co.uk creates personalised, recycled, one-off bikes from old or derelict cycles.

For further information, please contact:
Paul Topham, owner
Tel: 01273 202124
Site: www.specialbike.co.uk

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Paul Topham, owner
Tel: 01273 202124
Site: www.specialbike.co.uk

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