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Don't Drive Away a Dud with Female Friendly Car Buying Advice from


November 28, 2006, Press Dispensary. Buying a car can be fraught for females. Cue patronising Jeremy-Clarkson-type making jokes about which car colour matches her shoes, starkly lit showrooms reeking of synthetics, and test drives with swarthy salesmen she'd usually cross the street to avoid. However, the launch of" target="_blank">, the first online UK car buying guide for women, eliminates the pains of the process and puts the va va voom back into buying Sheila's wheels.

According to the RAC, hasty decision making and lack of motoring knowledge are key reasons why 29% of buyers fail to spot significant problems before driving off in their shiny 'new' motor, and then end up shelling out for repairs that could have been avoided.*¹ Aimed at all female motorists, explains the complete process of buying a car, so sisters can do it for themselves without enlisting a more knowledgeable male friend, and take control of the process.

With lessons in online fraud and buying safety, educates women so they can make informed decisions with confidence, while saving money by using the best online buying resources.

The website meets the needs of a demographic with significant spending power. Rebecca Ryan, marketing manager of, explains: “Recent statistics show that women today influence up to 80%*² of all car purchases, so it is imperative that the decisions we make are the right ones. Women with all levels of car knowledge can come to to gain top tips from experts on matters such as avoiding online fraud, and how to make sure their next car is safe to drive." will evolve to meet the needs of its users by monitoring feedback. Ryan adds: “As Galscarguide is a female car buying community, we’ll pay close attention to any suggestions for improvement from those voicing their opinions on our site.”

According to Ryan, industry pundits such as Renault’s UK sales director, Andrew Luck, envisages a future where women are the professional majority. Already, women's preference for buying online is significantly boosting internet car sales*³.

Ryan adds: "The industry will have to wake up to the needs of women and is driving it in the right direction. The testimonies from some of our recommended buying resources have shown that thousands of pounds can be saved on car purchases, while also giving women a positive car buying experience.” does not currently earn revenue from recommended companies and services placed on its site.

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Notes for editors is a free guide to having a positive and rewarding online car buying experience for women. It is the result of a conglomeration of major brands in the UK automotive industry.

Gals Guide is based in Falmer, Sussex

*¹ Used cars cost Brits £238million per year
(" target="_blank">
08th September 2006

*² Road & Travel Magazine Female Buyer Study, CNW Marketing Research (" target="_blank">
03 November, 2006

*³Women are the catalyst for industry revolution (" target="_blank">
28 September 2006

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