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Almost Half NVQ and Skills Training Professionals Complain of Being Over-Qualified

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Ruth Whitehouse CertRP MIRP - Market Sector Specialist
Ruth Whitehouse CertRP MIRP - Market Sector Specialist
December 16, 2010, Stafford. Press Dispensary. A national survey from GPRS Recruitment ( ( ), a specialist in permanent recruitment based in Stafford, reveals that 43% of professionals in the work based learning (WBL), welfare to work (WtW), and entry to employment (E2E) sectors consider themselves over-qualified for their present positions.

...over-qualified employees can be invaluable when it comes to nurturing and coaching less experienced contemporaries.
Ruth Whitehouse, GPRS Recruitment

The second annual ‘Salary & Benefits Survey’ polled 6,452 professionals, including operations managers and training directors, between August and October 2010. The survey was initially pioneered by GPRS Recruitment in 2008 as a benchmarking exercise for companies facing staff retention issues in certain locations. Now it is providing a valuable insight into the WBL, WtW and E2E sectors and is highlighting some significant trends.

Ruth Whitehouse CertRP MIRP, head of WtW and E2E staffing at GPRS, comments: “The finding that 43% of sector professionals consider themselves over-qualified for their present positions is partly down to contraction in the marketplace. Other contributory factors include some companies redeploying human resources gained during their more acquisitive periods, instead of opting for the less palatable option of widespread redundancies.”

She adds: “Some professionals who previously worked as freelance contractors have taken up full time positions to gain security and regular income. Certainly, the landscape has changed during the past year. However, it’s not all bad news as some employees are comfortable with being over-qualified. And over-qualified employees can be invaluable when it comes to nurturing and coaching less experienced contemporaries. Employers with foresight are striking deals to encourage this sort of practise as well as introducing performance-related bonuses designed to benefit those who pass on their knowledge and experience to others in the workforce.”

The ‘Salary & Benefits Survey’ from GPRS Recruitment is recognised as a practical tool designed to help hiring managers who require accurate information.

According to the recent survey, 86% of sector professionals state that inclusion in a profit-share/allowance scheme would increase their dedication to their current employer; 83% don’t receive a long service bonus or associated recognition; 74% agree that there’ll be an increase in demand for Welfare to Work and Entry 2 Employment specialists over the next 24 months.

Whitehouse says: “This year, we’ve succeeded in building trust with clients, who have proved more willing to be candid about ‘sensitive’ subjects that are of interest to the sector as a whole.”

She concludes: “Companies that wish to recruit high-worth individuals during this period of economic ‘dusting down’ will discover that good permanent recruiters have in-depth knowledge of the marketplace, can partner with businesses to establish the availability of skill-specific employees, will remain unbiased about remuneration issues and will be transparent about their capacity to deliver. The benefits of hiring an expert in permanent recruitment are clear.”

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