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October 27, 2004, Press Dispensary. Peaceful protest occurred at 10am-12 today

A 400-strong group of people from all walks of life made a solemn trek to the Indian High Commission at 10am today to voice their opposition to the Indian Occupation of Kashmir, in a demonstration organised by the All Kashmir Parties Consulting Committee.

The issue is of key international importance, as India and Pakistan both have nuclear capability. As the conflict continues to escalate, international peace and security is being compromised. Opponents are concerned that the Kashmir populace will be left out of the negotiations, and that they should have right to self-determine their own future.

The two hour demonstration was scheduled to take place outside Bush House, some 40 metres from the High Commission. However, the police did not allow it to occur there. Eventually, after a period of negotiation, the demonstrators were allowed closer to the embassy. Around 400 demonstrators staged a peaceful protest, as in previous years. Coaches headed from Birmingham, Luton and Bradford to support the initiative.

A Mr Ghalib, a spokesperson for the All Kashmir Parties Consulting Committee, comments: “We are staging a national day of mourning to commemorate the loss of 300,000 civilian lives since the occupation began. This is despite a UN resolution which gave the Kashmiri people the right to determine their future following Britain’s departure from the region. It is fundamental that Britain and India live up to this resolution and respect international law.”

Mr Amir Karim, a youth worker from Birmingham, comments: “Being British with Kashmiri roots, I feel it is my responsibility to use my British voice to speak up about a conflict ignored by the international community. This is my day to make a difference and bring the great nations of Pakistan and India together.”


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Notes for editors
The All Kashmir Parties Coordinating committee was set up in July 1986 and has offices in Alum Rock, Birmingham. It is an umbrella organisation for 10 national and international Kashmiri organisations based in both sides of Kashmir (Indian occupied and in Pakistan) and Britain. The committee aims to push for the right of self determination, as stated in UN Resolutions of 1940/49; free Kashmir from illegal Indian occupation; stop human rights violation in Kashmir where 10-15 people die each day in the conflict; and address the Indian media blackout relating to human rights violations.

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