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Saving Lives Through Changing Behaviour

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Professor Richard Parish, Chief Executive of RSPH
Professor Richard Parish, Chief Executive of RSPH
September 27, 2011, Press Dispensary. Fresh food, more exercise and no smoking.  These are some of the choices we need to make in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, which is sustainable in the long term.

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) ( has responded to the Government’s White Paper, by developing a suite of training programmes on Behaviour Change designed specifically to support health and well being professionals to deliver these messages effectively as part of their behaviour change strategy.  

Professor Richard Parish, Chief Executive of RSPH comments: “It is our belief that spreading skills and knowledge in this area will have a direct effect on driving behaviour change and reducing health inequalities, resulting in healthier communities across the country.”

Rises in obesity, diabetes, heart disease and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), alongside problems associated with unhealthy eating, drinking and smoking habits, have placed our health service under huge pressure.  As many health conditions are both preventable and avoidable, we have a responsibility to ensure that we intervene and steer people towards healthier lifestyle choices.  This not only positively impacts the wellbeing of the individual but also their communities.  

Preventing avoidable conditions is better for both the patient and the health service, but the approach differs depending on the time available, the skill of the individual and the nature of the contact.  

To find out more about RSPH’s programmes on Behaviour Change please contact Gina Mohajer on or visit (

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