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NHS System Provider Acquires Eclipse-fm (R)

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Asckey Data Services Ltd announces the acquisition of leading NHS asset and facilities management system - Eclipse-fm®

Bernard Hill Asckey's Commercial Director
Bernard Hill Asckey's Commercial Director
April 11, 2012, Cambridgeshire, UK. Press Dispensary. Following a period of intense negotiation, a deal has been struck between Asckey and the Healthcare Facilities Consortium (HFC) in which Asckey has acquired sole ownership rights for Eclipse-fm®, the leading asset and facilities management system used by the NHS.  The deal includes full Eclipse-fm® product licensing, support and the Eclipse- fm® trademark and signals the end of a partnership between Asckey and the HFC of over ten years.

The acquisition corresponds with a period of sustained product innovation at Asckey, representing their continued commitment to product development.  Independent ownership now gives additional freedom for Asckey’s in-house specialist developers to take Eclipse-fm® functionality to the next level.  Eclipse-fm® is to form the basis of Asckey’s new hard and soft facilities management tool fmfirst™.  This new, innovative, single source NHS site management product suite provides Estates and Facilities managers with an efficient, flexible and cost effective management tool.  As part of this, Eclipse-fm® is taking on a new identity and from version 7.1 onwards will be known as fmfirst-estates & facilities™.  As well as maintaining all original features, future development of fmfirst-estates & facilities™ will look to maximise functionality for increased effectiveness and ease of use.   It is the intention to provide any additional functionality at no additional cost to the user.

fmfirst (R) by Asckey Data Services
fmfirst (R) by Asckey Data Services
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fmfirst (R) by Asckey Data Services fmfirst (R) by Asckey Data Services

An immediate advantage of integrating the product into the fmfirst™ product suite will be the potential for interlinking functionality.  Each stand-alone unit including fmfirst-cleaning™, fmfirst-stock™ and fmfirst-ebme™ can be linked to form a single integrated operating system with combined audit reporting capability.  This collective strength and flexibility allows Trusts to build powerful, customised systems that fully match individual needs.  

Bernard Hill, Commercial Director at Asckey commented, `Applying our 20+ years’ combined experience of delivering and supporting Eclipse-fm®, direct input from NHS Trusts and the latest ISO standards, our development plans for the  fmfirst™ product suite aim to produce improved, efficient and most importantly -user-friendly functionality,’  He continued, `This acquisition will allow for maximum product performance and continued assurance over facilities management and audit compliance within healthcare facilities’.

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Bernard Hill Asckey's Commercial Directorfmfirst (R) by Asckey Data Services
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Notes for editors
Asckey Data Services Ltd

As long-standing Healthcare Facilities  Consortium partners, Asckey have successfully implemented and supported their Eclipse-fm® facilities management software system in over 20 NHS trusts throughout England and Scotland.  Specialising in bespoke software development, they also provide hosting and support for NHS systems including the NHS Information Centre’s online EFM portal and NHS contracts with the National Ophthalmology Database and the National Cancer Registry.

Established in 1994, Asckey have worked alongside NHS clients to meet the growing need for accountability and the need for reliable information systems.   Specialist data collection systems, large and small, aim to simplify users’ complex system development requirements in order to meet operational standards.

As well as developing facilities management software, Asckey is involved in major data collection and benchmarking systems for the Department of Health, collecting and analysing many of the statistics relating to the overall condition of the NHS hospital buildings which are then used in strategic NHS management.

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