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Do today's earthquakes and storms point to Christ's Second Coming?

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A new book, The Book of Truth Volume One, claims to contain divine messages from Jesus Christ given to the author warning of the end times which are near.

The book of truth cover full size
The book of truth cover full size
November 20, 2012, Press Dispensary. Are we in the end times and will this generation witness the Second Coming of Christ when Jesus Christ returns to defeat the antichrist and establish his 1,000 year reign on earth? If the contents of this new book The Book of Truth – Prepare for the Second Coming are to be believed then the time is ripe.

The internet is awash with doomsday predictions, websites, books and survival manuals on how to survive 2012.  Nostradamus advocates, eschatologists (those who study the end times), spiritual sects and followers of the Mayan tribe calendar suggest that time stops after 21 December 2012.

Could the frequency and intensity of earthquakes, tropical storms, tsunamis be just as Jesus stated would occur just prior to His return to the earth? Never before has there been so much interest or speculation as to the future of the human race and, according to the author of The Book of Truth we are already in the end times.

This book claims to contain messages dictated by Jesus Christ to the author from November 2010 and up to including the current period, the world is now being prepared for the Second Coming of Christ. This generation, according to the book, will witness the event. Contrary to popular belief it is not the end of the world but, rather, the beginning of a new Era of peace.

Over 550 messages, which claim to be from Jesus are written in simple language, dispel the myths about the creation of the universe, reinforce the teachings of Christ and predict future events in detail.

The author, a woman who lives in Europe, wishes to remain anonymous in order to protect her family. She is a Roman Catholic but had little knowledge of the Bible beforehand, yet, the messages are littered with numerous biblical references, codes and secrets. She receives one message a day and claims that Jesus is revealing to the world the secrets of the Seven Seals contained in the Book of Revelation so that he can save the world by revealing to everyone the Truth of His Teachings.

She says that before she received the first message from Jesus that she witnessed apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary for a period of six months. The messages she says are given to her in what is referred to as inner locutions and that she has received a number of messages from God the Father who told her she was the end time messenger, the 7th messenger.

Extract from message she says was given to her by God the Father 08 January 2012: "After your Mission I will not be sending anyone else to impart My Messages because the world, as you know it, will have been changed forever."

Jesus, she says, told her to call the book The Book of Truth and explained that this was foretold in the Book of Daniel 10.21 This is when the Angel Gabriel revealed to the prophet Daniel that everything which was revealed to him about the future and the end times is to be found in the Book of Truth. Daniel is told to seal it up as it is to be left to another time called "The Time of the End."

The website ( which publishes these messages generated traffic in excess of one million within six months of going live without marketing support of any kind.  A first volume of the book went on sale on the 18 August 2012 without any promotional support, and 2,500 books were sold in three weeks with orders from all over the world covering 51 countries.

The Facebook account set up to discuss the messages "Jesustomankind" has over 11,000 fans. Hundreds of spin off blog sites have emerged all over the world in different languages and volunteers translated the messages into 29 languages in less than 14 months and then donated the translations to the website. The book has been translated for immediate publication in English, German, Polish, Portugese, Italian, French, Spanish. Other translations for the book include Korean, Lithuanian, Croatian, Dutch and Vietnamese.

The book is for all religions and is especially for atheists and non-believers.

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The book of truth cover full size
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