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Private Detectives London make a difficult call easy

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London Private Detectives website
London Private Detectives website
September 30, 2014, London, UK. Press Dispensary. "The toughest part of hiring a private investigator or private detective is often just picking up the phone. Making that call is an uncomfortable recognition that a situation needs outside help and it's the start of a process that's often completely unfamiliar." So says Christine Alexander of the recently launched London private investigator service (, Private Detectives London, which is based in the UK capital and prides itself on its ethical, trustworthy and sympathetic approach.

Christine Alexander continues: "This is why Private Detectives London offers a choice of both male and female private detectives and investigators, and ensures they are all understanding and professional. We treat every new call with the utmost respect and sympathy, as well as complete confidence. We want to make a difficult option as easy and straightforward as it can be."

Private Detectives London is a fairly new name on the block but behind it is a team of private investigators with 25 years in the industry, a vast amount of experience in many areas of detection and investigation, and a network of industry contacts across the country and internationally.

"One service that's already in high demand is to find missing people," continues Christine Alexander. "It's an area in which we have considerable experience and where our network of industry contacts serves us well. Private Detectives London may be a new name but our people been doing this for decades."

Another common "first call" can be from a business owner who suspects an employee of committing fraud or from people who wish to order a lie detector test or use vehicle tracking services or email forensics services.

"Whatever the nature of that first call for our help, we aim to offer more than just a solution to a problem. We treat every investigation with the full attention it deserves and ultimately our aim is to offer peace of mind."

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London Private Detectives website
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